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It Was A Setup, Anwar Walked Into It, And He Didn't Care?

6 August 2008 was when Raja Petra Kamaruddin published an article that implicated Najib's political secretary, Shafee Abdullah, called Shafee Abdullah - Sodomologist Extraordinaire,  in which it details the plan to setup something that will trap Anwar Ibrahim over the repeated sodomy crime that at imprisoned, but reversed the other way around the first time round. Notable characters that are involved in the sodomy affair, in and out, in addition to your standard Anwar, Saiful and Najib thing includes Shafee, current Melaka police state chief Rodwan Yusof and of course a few other non-mentioned characters involved.

There subsequent articles on 7 and 11 August 2008 are:

On 14 August 2008, Shafee Abdullah initiated legal action against RPK by demand of removal of the related articles, as well as legal action against commentators (just as flashback). Today's Wikileaks expose in The Sun Herald or The Malaysian Insider (pick one) on this affair shows an assessment by the Australian intelligence agency that the whole sodomy affair is a setup (confirmed). 

And what does that imply? This means, Shafee is lying by the teeth and that legal action started in August 2008 was meant to cover his ass.

Let's go through the first three paragraphs by Sun Herald:

MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charges are the result of a "set up job" that the politician "walked into", according to an assessment by Australia's peak intelligence agency.

A leaked US State Department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Mr Anwar engaged in the conduct of which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Australia's Office of National Assessments (ONA) also states the conduct was the result of apparent entrapment by Mr Anwar's enemies.

Notice the highlighted phrases. The first and the last tells us that those who setup the sodomy thing whom later tried to deny it are actually lying in the teeth. With Wikileaks exposing those, they have been caught with their pants down. Which is why the imply above.

The second, of Anwar walked into the trap, I was warned of such predicament happening by a PKR insider sometime last year. Few knew about it, and I was prepared of such chip of this to fall someday. The technical intelligence that Lee Kuan Yew said of to the ONA seems to confirm the gut feeling that I had on this sodomy. Since technical intelligence could mean intercepted communications,

I will not go deep into how Anwar's bizarre PR dealing except that he keeps blaming the Special Branch, whereas everyone is screaming for Anwar for extensive damage control over this matter. 

How Anwar handled on this expose is a question mark. But it gave me a chance to explore the possibility of confusing his enemies by doing things that nobody is willing to take the chance the moment such chips fall. If you remember the Joker said of 'people running at the first sight of trouble'. Sun Tzu did say of confusing /deceiving your enemies by showing statements that could show face of fear but the masking of confidence of innocence.

The  probabilities on Anwar's handling of the matter are:

1. Game over for him, and he's trying to slow things down.
2. He didn't do it, but just put this out to confuse his enemies (BN).
3. He let other guys handle it, (e.g Nik Nazmi's response / Tian Chua's response)

It is likely that the leak will put a spanner of slowing down Najib / Rosmah's plan of ensuring that Anwar goes to jail. Not taking it off, but delaying it. But it still can show a definite go-to-jail conviction for Anwar over the Sodomy thing since, the technical intelligence says it all. From what it says, it seems that Anwar went a bridge too far over his choice of people in PKR, but the sceptics is always that if Anwar goes to jail, PKR could face more problems, even if Azmin is running the show. 

And what about Najib? So far, Najib has been keeping the cards close to the chest. His press secretaries have been frantically trying to tell reporters not to wait for a press conference. Either it's the same thing that is happening to him as with Anwar or suffice to say that Najib is caught with pants down over everything that is happening now.

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