Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MCLM Public Forum

At the MCLM public forum held a few hours ago at the KLSCAH, the second candidate has revealed himself. Sreekant Pillai, said that after much persuasion and consideration, he decided to come in order to serve and protect the rights of the people (as was quoted)

The Star, Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini have coverage on the event as well. Here, here and here.

This comes in after the close-door session on Sunday. The first part event has Haris, the MCLM president going through the goals of MCLM, debunking the misconceptions, what they would do in the next few months and so forth. What is interesting is that pro-people based parties like PR are being approached informally and offering themselves to supplement the existing pool of candidates, and as a buffer to avoid the repeat of the frog-jumping incidents. The only condition for PR is that the independent candidates will support party agendas that are aligned to their people-oriented agendas / principles set, not party based.

Secondly, there are repeated calls for the Election Commission to extend absentee voting to all Malaysians residing aboard other countries. This includes all students and permanent residents as well. Current election laws do not allow non-government funded students or permanent residents. And of course, the High Commissions are having trouble of acquiring voter registration papers. All in all, the EC has still yet to act swiftly and accordingly to this problem of voting overseas. 

Thirdly, there is now a resurgence of student groups venturing into politics, harkening back to the 60s and 70s where student's voice was that great at that time. They see MCLM similar to their objectives and aims and are also offering themselves to be candidates in elections. Student activism, as in other countries are acceptable and in fact encouraged, but why not in Malaysia?

Recently Anwar Ibrahim admitted the need of having good qualified candidates to contest in state / parliamentary elections. Following the convention in Kepala Batas, the Human Rights Party also stated their wish to contest in elections by offering 15 parliamentarian candidates on Indian-populated areas. This would of course, is advantageous to PR since this would solve the candidacy problem and eliminate the need of having dual roles for a politician. This has been seen in cases where Khalid Ibrahim, Nizar Jamaluddin, Teresa Kok and Azmin Ali are those who hold dual Parliamentary and state seats at the same time.

Word is informally PR is taking a positive reply and response to this and if they accept a round table discussion on this matter by late next month and things go well, then it would be better. In fact, it is wise not for PR to turn down such offer that these civil society movements has offered, for they can, in terms of quality can be better than the BN candidates they would be contesting with. If PR is to take Putrajaya, then this would of course be a good measure. But they ain't got time for second chance, for there would not be any change likely not until the next 40 years or so. 

There is an emphasize that people will need to take back the country that is starring at the making of a failed state that is soon to to come due to incompetent politicians, and rampant corruption. 

After all, I remembered that in February 2008, PR has endorsed the People's Declaration (Deklarasi Rakyat), right? Chegubard, Siti Mariah, Ronnie Liu, they were there and said aye to the declaration...ring and remember any bells?

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