Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ini Semua Bik Mama Punya Pasal!!

He (Hassan Merican) would rather this money be invested properly, out of reach of their grubby paws, so that at least our future generations would have a few crumbs to pick at once all the raping and pillaging of the country’s wealth was completed by these gangsters.

He said ‘no way…piss off’.

That pissed off RM even more. You don’t mess with the First Lady like that. PM got an ear full when he got home from work that day. RM wanted TSHM out and the rest is history.

But PM did say to TSHM….”Sorry brudder apa bolih buat? Wife I terror lah. But never mind, I will make you a ‘Special Advisor to me on Gas and Energy Issues’. (ada kia bor syndrome!!!!)

Yes, blame it all on Bik Mama. What happened really?

If you can figure out what it means, good. Otherwise refer here.

Turns out that this event is a blessing in disguise. And it is an own goal scored by Malaysia
Read that statement highlighted in bold above over and over again until it etches in your brain!

Once RM became the First Lady she climbed into the cookie jar. Before that she was only allowed one hand inside. Now that her husband is PM things became much easier. Bermacam macam kontrak semua bolih dapat. Sebut nama suami saja, hey bingo!

Boy, when I read that statement above, I just wished if Kak Endon is still around. She could keep her under tabs. And it will be a good cat fight between the two women. From the one eventful day in Seri Perdana, both women dislike one another..

If you remember the series of articles called The Khairy Chronicles you would notice one chapter (Chapter 17)  focusing on Endon and the rivalry. Excerpt:

Instead, Endon reserved her opprobrium for those whom she felt were encroaching on Abdullah and her own status as the senior-most woman in public life. One such person was Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, for whom Endon often gave the coolest of receptions. According to a close advisor of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Rosmah was often reduced to a nervous wreck whenever she had to confront Endon. Usually, Rosmah can just push her way through with people. She was in the Mahani Daim league; a pushy, contemptuous and temperamental woman with an exaggerated sense of dignity. She often made disparaging remarks about Najib in front of other people, lacking the good sense to reserve such comments to the confines of the bedroom.
Yet, with Endon, Rosmah couldn’t get her own way. Endon was a gentle lady with a soft approach to conversation. But, when challenged, she could be fiery and whenever Rosmah raised her voice, Endon would swiftly put it down with a cutting ‘sindiran’ or ‘perli’. This, Rosmah could not stand. Rosmah felt, as a far more educated woman, she should be given more prominence than Endon. Yet Endon is a far more politically experienced consort compared to Rosmah and won public plaudits where Rosmah had none.

Sometimes, I wonder if people don't get the beat that a non-political leader gets to call the shots instead of a proper government leader, as according to official protocol. I wonder if they purposely don't know about it or totally has no clue at all.

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