Friday, December 17, 2010

Little School Children Running Parliament

I won't go that much into talking about Anwar being booted out of Parliament over APCO thing, maybe I'd talk about it later but, I just find how amusing how most BN MPs behaved yesterday like if they are acting as 8-year old school children inside the body of a middle-age adult.

It's the same thing that happened in Perak that got carried over again. If you can imagine their psyche, it's the same as in Parliament. As soon as Barisan Nasional managed to get back Perak via defections of the three assemblymen there, they raved and like if they got the ball from another child. But they got the ball via unfair and brute means. So when it's time for them to pass the ball back to the rightful owners, the little child will not let go the ball at all costs. Or, the child will refuse to hand the ball back even though the child was wrong. Like the child, Barisan Nasional would manipulate the law to their own whim to deny what is rightfully the people (i.e various ridiculous rulings in courts) .

All in the end, once the thing has been done, they want to manufacture the concesnt of the people to say that what Barisan Nasional did to suspend Anwar and the other 3 MPs over the APCO jibe was correct. However, everyone is falling into the trap here. The whole thing, the aftermath here is to manipulate public opinion into accepting this thing, although, in the beginning, after evaluating things back and forth, it seems that APCO was actually misleading the Parliament to protect their clientele.

If the government has been doing things right from the beginning, APCO in fact is not needed and the acts they have done can speak for their reputation themselves. 

There are a few MPs during that episode in which no matter what they jibe or who they whack with, they more or less behaved like schoolchildren, worst than those MPs in Britain that fight by facts over the increment of tuition fees for universities. Many lack decency to behave and many behaved as yes man instead of men and women who used their heads to think whether whatever proposals would be beneficial for their own consituents or not. In fact, they have degraded into becoming not real Member of Parliaments, but Members of Party. 

This fact, etched in my mind, was one of the reasons I warned previously of the consequences of voting Linda Tsen in Batu Sapi. Sadly not many listened for they are being misled by BN.

Suspending Anwar and the other three MPs because this has clearly revealed how childish they really are, Nazri in particular since he's the one who came out with the motion. Denying them to defend is likely violating God himself, imagining that God never gave Adam the chance to defend himself. Parliament is the bigger level than the state assembly and having school children running the Parliament is a much more embarassing thing if such recording hits out worldwide. And worst come to worst, there is no fulcrum that acts as the watchdog, check and balance function since BN is bent of removing numbers that could deny 2/3rds majority.

Barisan Nasional in particular knows no shame and to keep their loot and whatever they think that people is taking back what is rightfully theirs, they started to behave like school children, unwilling to give it back. But this doesn't mean that I am whacking one side. Pakatan Rakyat too should not be spared from the similar rod. But given of the episode that day, I can give a leeway for Pakatan whom had to ask for the right to speak and defending themselves. On that day, Pakatan had one hand tied to its back. One that day, the BN mob slapped 3.9 million people who voted for PR in the face. 

These MPs from the BN front should be branded little school children who ran Parliament without shame.

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