Thursday, December 16, 2010

And The Cheating Games Has Begun!

Consider this: 4 MPs (Anwar, Sivarasa, Karpal and Azmin) to be suspended tomorrow onwards likely for six months. With four out, this gives BN MPs a good advantage to approve  or amend any law they like with a 2/3rd majority. That is if the 7 Independent MPs also show their hand of support together.

This is their slick way to get what was lost in 2008 in a cheating manner: customary 2/3rds. For them, like school children, there are unwilling to part what is considered to be an essential tool for their survival. 

Malaysiakini took a quote from Rasah MP Anthony Loke saying that with the majority, they can do things like amending the Constitution or redrawing the election boundaries. The latter would go first because the present election boundaries, state and federal level, have already reached the 10-year interval and just in the right time for a election, if a snap that happens likely. 

But this is part of the cheating game for Malaysia. Unfortunately, the Barisan  Nasional still does not know that there are economic hitmen who would ask them to cheat in such elections in order for them to continue referring to their need of their services. And worse come to worst, whatever policies that the people think that is inappropriate, either in the present situation, would go on to their whim even without touching the people because of the 2/3rd majority that they can use in approving new law / amending existing law.

1/3rd of Barisan Nasional MPs are from Sabah and Sarawak, which gives the central leadership a hand in suspending Anwar and his trio of partners, as first order of business. However, what interests me most is that the bulk of these MPs, except for the known few hardly makes an active and real MP there. Which means that they are not real MPs but Wakil Parti. And what about Linda Tsen in this case? Wakil Parti, is my gut feeling, apart from being told by opposition MPs to study science videos to address her problem.

I don't really want to say much, but RPK's talk about 2/3rds gained by suspending 4 MPs answers the bulk of my thoughts of what to write here. And it's already past bed time now...

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