Sunday, December 12, 2010

Witch Doctors At Work: To Con Us, The Rakyat!

According to this Malaysiakini article, Najib has cautioned the people they would mortgage the country's future to the opposition who are only good at making promises. On Thursday, Muhyiddin said that BN has to defend Putrajaya for the sake of the people.
What these both men have inferior statements in it. On the flipside of the coin, the hidden message is simple: if you vote for the opposition a.k.a Anwar Ibrahim's coalition, the BN will go down, the power of Malays will erode and whatsoever bullshit will surface and blabbered by the BN. Yes, people, there are politicians, like 'witch doctors' are out to scare people out and in the end try to con us out.

This is the most common cliche used by the BN to scare the people out of not voting for the opposition. Several instances were referenced, with one clear cut example - in 1999 the BN returned to power thanks to the non-Malay votes because they were told by then Dr. M that their rights would erode if they vote for the opposition. The common cliche is akin to the witch-doctor telling village people. Hishamuddin Rais has mentioned this several times before: the Malays get spooked by people such as witch-doctors: - 'orang-orang kampung ditakutkan oleh cerita hantu oleh bomoh. Maka mereka akan memberi apa saja barang untuk meredakan hantu' - same thing as if UMNO scares them, they would go to UMNO for cover. 

Does it sound familiar as like those protection money stories we sometimes hear?

Bariasan Nasional recently have gone to name calling Pakatan Rakyat as an evil-coalition, We actually don't make allegiances to the government, but the country instead. The rest of whatever is actually happening to BN is referred here to Thuan Chye's piece last week. 'Nuff said.
Then again, you might to reconsider again. These people above talk shit. Who is actually mortgaging the country? Pakatan is not running the country. It is Barisan Nasional! They talk about how capable they can run this country, bla blah blah whereas people are now suffering from price increments, subsidy reduction, no income increment to compensate that, there and there. Barisan brings consultants like McKinsey,  and Boston to advise on the economy. 

But don't they know that they are listening to economic hitmen with the agenda to cheat a nation with billions of dollars until Malaysia has to get an IMF bailout someday soon? Haven't we all read the book Confessions of the Economic Hitmen and notice that something similar is happening as what was written in that book?

So who is actually mortgaging the country? Who's really selling Malaysia out?

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