Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Non Piu Andrai Nurul Izzah

Nurul Izzah has to stop all her gallivanting. No need all those trips and going around the country to ceramah. Focus on Lembah Pantai, which is a large enough territory as it is. The voters need to see your face and shake your hand. Kiss babies if need be. Just make sure that your presence is felt. What you lack in Ministerial powers and millions in cash you need to make up for in personal touch.

And get rid of those Young Chikos. Get some Old Cocks onto your team. And go poach some UMNO people as well. Pay them to work for you if need be. You need to pull every trick in the book at this stage. And if you need more money just holler. With 500,00 readers, and if each Malaysia Today reader donated just RM10 on average, that can already come to RM5 million.

You need to fight Raja Nong Chik using his own weapon. And his weapon is money. So you must use that same weapon. And if this is something you are not prepared to do then get out of Lembah Pantai and contest somewhere else.

I know that PKR are not really in good terms with Raja Petra whenever his name is brought up anywhere it was written be it on the print media or on the alternative news portals / blogs that write that statements that PKR might not stand up to that. But what is shown there actually paints the picture that there's some problems facing in Nurul's own turf. Surely everyone, apart from the groups of people that Raja Petra mentioned in the article above has the fondness of her except that in this game of election, it's just not a popularity contest but whoever has the most monetary resources will likely win the Parliamentary seat - based on the present rules of the game that is - unless Bersih's real demands are fulfilled that is. 

This time PKR will have no time and space to argue over that statement unless they are dead serious to defend Lembah Pantai successfully.

Quite true, Nurul has a hard battle to fight with against Raja Nong Chik who has the panache and the monies to become the next Lembah Pantai MP but as what Raja Petra said above, this would be the closest thing that she can do in order to serve the people in that area itself. As for the money, true, people will have to chip in for the election campaign, unlike UMNO who has an election war chest of up to RM 1.7 billion that they can splash anywhere and anytime they want. 

Look, Nurul is a nice girl really. Maybe I have seen her many times in public but I remembered one night in a hotel meeting room in Petaling Jaya where there are a few people with her including some of my friends (for respecting privacy of others, I will not name those) and of course Khalid Samad was there. For maybe 2 hours of discussion there, I can say that she can go on but the odds of insufficient facilities and tools for her are stacking day after day.

Of course, she can't gallivant anymore except to work hard within her area for up to the next 8 months. Forget about going outside Klang Valley for that time or so...if what Pete says is correct or so. Then, there will still be people who will help to chip in the money - I can do it, but I will find time in the next few weeks to chip in.

Non piu andrai, Nurul.

Mozart - Non Piu Andrai (No More Gallivanting)

The Count says that he forgives Cherubino, but he dispatches him to his own regiment in Seville for army duty, effective immediately. Figaro gives Cherubino mocking advice about his new, harsh, military life from which all luxury, and especially women, will be totally excluded.

You won't go any more, amorous butterfly,
Fluttering around inside night and day
Disturbing the sleep of beauties,
A little Narcissus and Adonis of love.
You won't have those fine feathers any more,
That light and jaunty hat,
That hair, that shining aspect,
That womanish red color [in your face]!
Among soldiers, by Bacchus!
A huge moustache, a little knapsack,
Gun on your back, sword at your side,
Your neck straight, your nose exposed,
A big helmet, or a big turban,
A lot of honour, very little pay.
And in place of the dance
A march through the mud.
Over mountains, through valleys,
With snow, and heat-stroke,
To the music of trumpets,
Of bombards, and of cannons,
Which, at every boom,
Will make bullets whistle past your ear.
Cherubino, go to victory!
To military glory!

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