Monday, November 26, 2012

Again, Bernama Should Reveal Reporter Names!

I do not how Bernama reporters or people from government count the numbers of people who were in the anti-Lynas walk to Merdeka Square last night. They claim to say only 2000.

But apparently, the numbers speak for themselves. At first it was around 5000, but around the evening, the numbers swelled to around 10 times Bernama claims to be.

Maybe one picture alone seems to say that the news agency lied.

To cover the shade of the government who is getting embarrassed by this demonstration, complaints by those who disagreed have been amplified and exaggerated.

In the last few months, I have been proposing that we should push for the agency to start revealing names of reporters who have been writing the material. The main reason is to also put them to show responsibility of their writings just as what these other ministers and political rats have been hounding at us to take responsibly on our writings.

Associated Press have already done so by putting (for example): Reporting by..."reporter A, reporter B..." Additional editing by "editor A, editor B". Why can't they be doing it? Are they doing it in secrecy?

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