Friday, December 28, 2012

Sometimes You Need To Learn to Be Quiet

There was saying - discretion is a better part of valor - meaning that sometimes, it is better not to do anything lest your usual valor will invite more trouble from the opposition. In the political arena, sometimes it is necessary to maintain silence lest you give ammunition for the opposition to hit left and right for nothing.

There's still the need for the opposition parties to grow up, be more mature in and playing smart, not charging into battle with the assumption that a win is guaranteed. Didn't Sun Tzu mentioned emphasized about playing smart lest you fall into the hands of the old man who is well versed in our Malaysian politics? 

Winning the war is not about winning every battle. Sometimes, losing a battle is deliberate way and decision taken before heading for the win. Likewise if the present opposition wants to take over Putrajaya.

With many people, mostly from DAP and PAS talking all sorts of things here and there, they conveniently placed themselves and providing the opposition hands ammunition to attack them with their lies and manipulation. Why do you think Utusan and those UMNO-associated media people keep saying things that the opposition say that they are lying about?

Even doing this discretion means being silent of who and where would you place until at the very last minute. Do you ever wonder why I have not been writing things lately, or why I see the same bunch of people commenting often at Malaysia Today? True, I may have write once a while there, but it's merely to say yes or drop by a greeting or two, but the saying goes that a real smart person don't always talk much but goes to the point, keeping it plain and simple. Talk is cheap right? 

When I read about the ANAK-led Felda demo today in Semarak, I mused that there are a few number in Felda that has started to realize that it would be disastrous to do the listing at the stock market (FGVH in this case). At least it's a little footstep towards mental revolution. Everyone should have the freedom of thought and reasoning, not to follow things so blindly.

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