Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Obsession of Petty Matters

The debt can hit $1 trillion by 2020 claim by REFSA is a no joke. Malaysia is still presently thinks that they can spur the economy spending and spending till they realize that they would be broke ultimately.The budget has little to address the issue of reforming and restructuring the economy apart from fishing votes from lower class people. It has been found that despite the measures undertaken, little of improvement results has been noticed and the assumption that Malaysia can reach 5 to 6 percent in 2012 is overambitious with no safety nets (as what NMY said) to cushion a bad disaster should it happens anytime.

I don't even understand why BN would whack other people for their own mistakes whereas they didn't have the guts to admit that they have been making thousands of mistakes in the last 3 decades or so. There is the sense of vanity that the party felt, the thinking of having more power and omnipotence and the folly desire of running the country, in accordance to their slogan "Dulu Kini dan Selamanya". The slogan itself is contradicting the laws of nature that often says that "Nothing lasts forever", or "No one lives forever" or whatever similar phrases that are matching to it.

While Europe and America have been understanding the magnitude of the economic disaster well and fighting very hard to overcome the problem, we seem to be ignorant over it. Instead, there have been fights of the two political fronts to get one thing: Malay votes, as they form 60 percent of the total votes. We have been trying to voo Malay support with policies that are slack and backwards. But have we wondered at that we do those things at what cost? The cost of ill-prepared, a civilization that falls many step backwards than those who understood the realities of the world and those who want to move forward with the technological age seen right in front of our eyes.

I've been very critical of recent accusations from government of calling opposition the things that they themselves are really displaying. For instance, Najib was calling the opposition and its as Republican. But Barisan Nasional is themselves the Malaysian equivalent of the America's GOP party with their similar budget and policies. Muhyiddin accused the opposition of bankrupting the nation if they go into power, but it is they themselves that are bankrupting the nation with the lavish spending and the Keynesian policies. The policy of spend and spend to stimulate the economy is not working anymore.It is like accelearating the train even if it passes the gorge with no track. Also, Nor Yackop's statement of "Malaysia doesn't need Plan B" is very similar to what Najib said "our economic foundations are strong" or even what John McCain said. Incidentally, that's the statement that got McCain lost to Obama in the 2008 presidential elections.

As that Raja Petra said, we (and Malays in particular) have been so obsessed with the little things that we don't even care of the outside world problems that will hit us. Instead, there's gutter politics on attacking Guan Eng's son over a some of little petty and unfounded manner. Then there's always the problem of snooping people's things out of nothing. I suppose this is as what was the Malay village culture of snooping people's things out for the gossip pleasure. And here we have people started screaming on other people's religious affair of the apostasy. It's like minding people's business whereas it is already pass the boundary line of privacy.

People worldwide have been accusing the rich of pocketing too much while the middle and lower class have been screaming unfair share of the pie. What are actually doing now? We scream of inflation, low pay but yet we don't even bother? Is it the fear of biting the master's hand that is causing this? Why are we fearing that while on the other hand we're obsessed with small petty matters that are actually unnecessary at all? Neo-feudalism is still running rampant with things racial, religion and royalty being uttered everywhere

As I previously wrote, it takes one National disaster before people would finally realize their mistakes. Ireland is one. When the country went bust, people only realized and voted out the government responsible. Najib said that Northern Ireland is following the Barisan Nasional model, and that sounds equivalent to ending up with the same fate as Ireland. I am certain that in maybe a year or so, Malaysia can go bust and end up with Greece - excessive.

This minding petty matters thing that is happening has to stop at the dot, true. But right now, how can we do it when the whole situations is not working that well? I supposed that "The Myth of the Lazy Native" is still living around us, even it has been centuries since that culture happened.

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