Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shouldn't Universities be Non-Political?

PAS Youth Bandar Tun Razak has just put up an interesting name card as seen above.

This case is in light of Professor Aziz Bari's suspension from the UIA pending further investigation. From what is understood is that several police reports, including one from Box Senator Ezam Noor  have indirectly pressured the university administration into taking action. This doesn't even count Dr. Mahathir's statement of saying "Aziz Bari kurang ajar".

As what my friend Aspan said "telling the truth" and doing the right thing in UMNO is not allowed lest you faced disciplinary action. Aspan wrote the other day about taking action against the UMNO men before Professor Aziz. Another interesting quote by him shows: "Saya selalu berkata di dalam pimpinan UMNO dan BN bercakap benar adalah satu kesalahan. Berbeza pendapat itu adalah kesalahan. Jika sesiapa yang mengkritik secara berterusan akan ada sahaja helah untuk memberikan tekanan kepada seseorang itu."

By the looks of the card, it's not even photo manipulated.

First hand information from people enquired about this card shows that this man is in connection with Ahmad Maslan, the Pontian MP, cum Deputy Minister in PM's department. The question from the card, is why is this man from a political party (notably "Party Gerombolan") has a role in special affairs at a university? Look at the designation: "Ketua Unit Khas Hal Ehwal UIAM" and it can paint a picture of political pressure.

Can someone further enlighten this thing?

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