Monday, January 30, 2012

Ibrahim Ali Fumbled in White Packets

The picture of Ibrahim Ali distributing white money packets to the Chinese people in conjunction with the first time Perkasa open house drew either question marks and brickbats saying that Ibrahim Ali is giving the Chinese community a death wish, since a white packet means for funeral money. I've been through three to four funerals enough to see how it is like.

I must say that Braheng had fumbled in dealing this aspect because some may consider it as a bitchslap from Perkasa to the non-Malay community since it is their attempt to show the moderate face whereas it has been noted since its inception that this one of the NGOs apart from those noted to be making broohas on racial, religion and royalty matters. The picture there says it. 

If Perkasa were to live to the claim that they mind the sensitivities of the other races, they could have at least serve a dish of roast pork, as to round up the meals served, lest because they still want to show that they are holier than thou that they will not do that? Isn't that even defeating the idea of showing how "moderate they are". There are people out there who still remembered what Braheng Ali who accidentally tell the Chinese people to stock up and stay home prior to the 9 July Bersih 2 rallies.

It should have been $10000 of hell's money BTW. But I found it funny and sarcastic to say things about this man who likes to rant about Ketuanan Melayu, jaguh kampung yet fumbled in this thing.

So the research which I read the other day turns out to be true. There are many people out there who likes to make nonsense rants, very very conservative views and unwilling to change, adapt and reform. The research reveals that people have prejudice views because they have a very low intelligence level IQ.

You can read the excerpt below, the rest here:

There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

"Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood," he said.

So you see, Ibrahim Ali is a living example of those with prejudice, exhibiting low level IQ (hence his bragging of Jaguh Kampung). I could have said "churn choi" but hey, I ROFL over to at the antics of Pak Pandir of the day! We can even break out our foot in his John Brown hind pants to make him run a mile for fumbling - at the risk of his heart problem.

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  1. Do you need to receive it if you know its' traditional meaning ? But depending on how each think, it does not have to matter. How would you know if the ringgit note in your wallet has not been handled by a corrupted person ? How would you know if the newly printed ringgit note for ang pow has not been touched by a pair of corrupted hands ? But supposing if this great fellow is not well versed in the things of the Chineses, then he is not qualified to punch them anytime, anyhow he likes. We can be brainwashed. Like from since birth, parents keep on telling so and so is bad. And so, so and so is bad until one day we discover it is different. Are we brainwashed ? Do we really know the truth ?


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