Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UPSI Scuffle: "Media, Tangkap Gambar!"

One of my friends told me to look specifically into certain portions of the video. Just to allow all of us to refresh our mind, I will put up the video for you all to review the thing again.

There are two interesting segments to pay attention to.

At 3:02 onwards, the undergraduate is making a statement to the police:

"Jangan ingat kita langyak. Jangan ingat kita senang ditumpas. Jangan sekali-sekali ingat mahasiswa lemah semangatnya. Kita hadir pada malam ini bukan untuk berjenayah tapi untuk menyatakan solidariti kita pada Afdli dan kebebasan akademik. Polis jangan layan kami sebagai penjenayah.."

This means that there was a clear statement to the police that the undergraduates who were there that night was never intended to commit any criminal act. Why would a sane and intellectual person would commit such thing apart from it's against moral conflict or it's against an act of lunacy?

At 4:00, look at the cops rushing from the left which resulted in the start of the scuffle. Did anyone started insulting any police officers prior to the scuffle? Eight seconds later at 4:08, a voice on the background said "Media tangkap gambar!" when the cops start arresting the 17 people off away.

Of course later on the scuffle happened and with 17 people arrested that night, Dr Juanda later was quoted saying at Malaysian Insider: “Yes, you have power, but let the people respect and appreciate your power, not stoke (more anger) with hate.”

The police have repeatedly denied of any violence done, but the Safzwan - who was knocked unconscious was saying otherwise, base on his account. And here's a danger part: sometimes, the police can misuse their privilege and power - if proven - to cover their tracks of wrong doing. Either way, the video, if reviewed over and over again seems to say otherwise of what the cops said. If there happens to be any further material or evidence put in Youtube that sheds more light on that matter, then it seems that our state police has lied in the skin of the teeth. 

The video as it was shot on that day from AntaraPos:

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