Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There's No Country For Old Men

The old fossil by the name of Abdul Aziz from Sri Gading has a mouth faster than the brain (equivalent to Ibrahim Ali and other MPs under that characterization), calling for Ambiga's hanging. This dinosaur believes that Ambiga's leading of Bersih is an attempt to topple the Najib administration. Such claim is equivalent to what was spoken in Europe 500-700 years ago where accusing a person of heresy. Ambiga was doing her duty on behalf of the people asking for the rights to have a level playing field in elections -  a win-win situation.

In whatever Ambiga talks in the run up to Bersih 3.0 , Ambiga has never referred once to the Agong on her speeches and talks.

All the time in the context of Bersih, UMNO has perceived this as a threat to their sole right to run Malaysia. It is a norm for governments to change, so defeat in an election is no strange matter. Any government must have an opposition front. Utusan and Berita Harian, as adding fuel to fire or adding a drug to the present hallucination tends.

The people in Sri Gading should boot him out in the next elections. Stop believing that elephants can fly if you know what I'm saying.

If this is the case then elections should have been outlawed since they are unwilling to make it accessible to all sides and instead keeps believing that they would capitulate like the provisional IRA. 

Yesterday, the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail said that Najib is one of the few leaders that are false democrats - holding elections  but have no intention of giving up power” and their “serious political rivals are jailed and their parties are outlawed on legal technicalities

Even repeated denials by Wisma Putra cannot save this. It is actually true but it is to save themselves from being shamed. In Japan, there is a code of honor where disgraced people would immediately leave or resign. The fear of shame and the fear of inability of people to handle truth are the main reasons of constant flurry of denials by the ruling administration

The only sympathy I have for the old men is that they have been mislead from the start. Their newspapers will not have the guts to show anything that says opposite because it would make them upset. This however, makes them clueless, in the blue and complacent. In other words, they are actually lying to themselves as well.

Surely you don't want the old men to hold leash for another 5 more years don't you?

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