Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When Words, Books and Who You Are Simply Become Blasphemous

There was a scene in the movie, (unfortunately which I couldn't recall its name) where the Marshall warns against going to war against Saladin and his army while the truce with Baldwin is still on until when the king dies. Upon saying that, the Templar army in the king's court immediately brushed it aside and calls the Marshall's warning as blasphemous. Similarly, these groups of people have started showing their nasty tendencies to brush or shove hard on things that do not match their ideals. Isn't that also quite similar to how right-wing policies operate right now?

In that context above, notice how LGBT groups are accused and badmouthed. Another example would be on how a bookstore manager simply gets charged and accused for distributing the "Allah Liberty and Love" book even she has no control over the selection. 

The problem here is that the religious authorities does not have any other solutions nor proper facts to dispute the scenario of LGBT or the contents documented by Manji. Instead of disputing, like animals they chose the brute manner. Does that make people look stupid because it shows that they are incapable of effective problem solving rather than outright hoping that people would forget the whole episode. 

More importantly, this makes people especially those who are simple minded and naive look more stupid. It keeps the shackles of the mind on the people. It's like you are told never to question anything at all, irregardless whether a subject matter has raise curiosity or otherwise. The Napoleonic wars period (1799 - 1815) has already freed the society mindset until conservatives and royalties have started to fear of the people uprising. 

Next, look at the recent attacks on the LGBT group of people. It goes to the extent that a deputy minister declares that these group of people are not protected by the Federal Constitution. On the contrary, the Constitution is silent on groups of people just as it is silent on who can be the Prime Minister. The attacks have gone from outside into going more personal, given by the attitude and approach by the religious police to go after them. No longer is your privacy is for your own, instead, just as few acknowledged that Malay society has started to mind people's business to the lowest degree - being a busybody and minding a person's private business - including who you are, what religion are you, etc..

Until today, the religious body, if they really disagree with the book, has not released a distillation, dissection of the questions raised by the Irshad Manji book couple with the proper answers to dispute and acknowledged the problems perceived by other fabrics of the society towards the religion they claim to preach and brag that they are pious.

We still have yet to answer the question of why there are still people inside the LGBT classification. Peer pressure and the present society conditions are form the most basic of answers into why there are still people there. We may have to blame ourselves that we have not paid attention to this people who maybe looking for help, consolation, and solace in the arms of people are prepared to understand their problems and helping them.

What compels them to do like that? Does God make them to do that? Science can take them to a certain extent but no further than their own answer.
Hard hand approaches by these religious police makes things far worse and creates more prejudice towards the system. In the case of the books, these kind of methods are in fact a precursor to bootlegging and piracy cases that still could not be put down effectively. It's the censorship and the inflexibility of the present policies that create much of the problems right now.

Most of the time, I noticed many of the usual clergyman do not go overboard with their way of life and wealth. As a model of humility they do not have those plenty materialistic possessions that a narcissistic person would have. Any religion would basically say that when you come to this world, you start with nothing and when you leave this world at the end of your life, you too will end with nothing in possession. Until today I am still unable to understand why these men who claimed to be pious, men of god would go raving around brandishing their "holier than thou" thing at everybody.

Then again, they claim to be that great but when you see them in luxurious cars on work to office or at lavish homes, it tells a different tale. These men speak things at times might be incorrect If these men claims themselves holier than thou just because their word is as if comes directly  from God, then they might as well spare the troubles and migrate to Saudi Arabia - sparing the troubles of others.

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