Saturday, January 12, 2013

#HKR112 - Who Says We Create Trouble?

Everyone is satisfied that the People's Uprising Rally, which finished 2 hours ago, ran smoothly without hitch with the police helping out to ensure safety of the people going in to the stadium. This has what the people had tried to prove to the world and the country that they were never intended to start the violence which occurred like in the three Bersih rallies there.

Sure, I was in the second rally, the most brutal of all the three. It's just the demented thinking of the government leaders including their machais who think that the rally is a piece of shit and going against their own ideal norms is what got them to start the police brutality that got people really-really upset over the beatings and the mass arrests on that day.

And today? People have shown that they can grow up. It is not a pissing contest. People come in because they have several issues that they are angry at the government. They are not pro-opposition party fans, but they come because of some things they share (mutual sharing) in common.

You can say that the same amount of people at Bersih 3 (more than 250K people) came for the rally. But it is difiicult to ascertain it for we do not have aerial pictures to examine at and estimate. For Rais Yatim, he can forget about making small numbers to please themselves. It's already a warning to the big casino called UMNO.

The rally is a double-edge sword. First it proves to the world that there are serious issues to be considered and worth looking by the fence-sitters in the upcoming election. Secondly, it proves to the world, that as I said taht threats and troubles were not solicited and started by those who came, but instead by agent provocateurs and those from BN who would not take well on the people's society grievances and coming in to the streets. However, it also puts the picture that the police have started to recover from the bad image felt by the past three Bersih rallies and coupled with the notion that Najib's slogan is beginning to hit the right notes, if not entirely.

The pics show what happened a few hours ago. It tells the message and theme. And there's a side story I would like to put in the next posting. And yes, Rais Yatim is having a hard time to count.

And oh yes, as a nice measure, here's a money shot here:

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