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The Fragile State of 1Malaysia

Let’s understand one important fact about Umno today – the party cannot be divided down the middle again, as what happened in the 1988 party crisis. The feud then between two warring factions had led to Umno being declared unlawful by the court.

The anti-Najib faction clearly understands this. This time around the anti-Najib forces plan to cut off Umno president and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, with the party remaining intact.

Their first step is to isolate Najib, whereby the Umno warlords and leaders are now distancing themselves from the prime minister during his campaign trails.

The next step is to deploy the false flag strategy.

The anti-Najib team is using outsiders such as the likes of Deepak Jaikishan and ex-inspector general of police Musa Hassan to expose the prime minister and his wife Rosmah Mansor’s wrongdoings.

The team is also bent on showing up police power abuses under Najib’s cousin – Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussain – in its attempt to undermine Najib.

The duo – Deepak and Musa – will “link” themselves to PKR to create a make-believe story that Anwar Ibrahim and PKR are behind them.

This false flag strategy has a two-pronged agenda. First, it is to show that the two are under the directive of the PKR and if this plot fails, the blame is on Anwar and PKR.

But if it works, the beneficiary will be Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s team. The anti-Najib forces are using Musa and the carpet dealer to checkmate Najib.

Daring revelation

The daring revelation is a clear indication that his own party opponents want him to fail, or even step down before the general election.

If he chooses to do otherwise, they will come out in the open to challenge him – which could mean either a breakup of Umno or election sabotage against him and his closest aide Hishammuddin in the coming polls.

This will further threaten Umno’s chances of victory.

Both Deepak and Musa are the fall guys and have been given assurance of their safety by their backers who now have the upper hand in the internal Umno power game.

The Muhyiddin team will push for the final nail in the coffin by presenting its own list of candidates which Najib has to accept or face sabotage in the election.

Sabotage means Muhyiddin’s team will campaign for opposition candidates who stand against Najib and Hishammuddin in the constituencies they contest.

Hence Najib is compelled to resign gracefully to save Umno or he and the party are both goners.

Under such circumstances most Umno members will show no sympathy for Najib.

Umno, as such, is desperate to have a compromise and understanding with PAS in the run-up to the general election.

Muhyiddin’s Umno knows it cannot count on the other Barisan Nasional component parties which are also in the same boat, with their own internal strife, and public dissatisfaction against them running high.

Hence it has to work out an amicable formula with an opposition party in Pakatan Rakyat that shares some compatibility with Umno’s struggle.

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Author's note: This was originally intended to be written last week. However, with the piece by Free Malaysia Today columnist Awang Abdillah above written today, it has allowed me to freely add in my further thoughts to what he has written.

There are talks within the circles of UMNO that the "power broker" himself and various people who are sided in him thinks that Najib is carrying too much of baggage that could risk the party itself. There have been talks of asking him to step down before the election because they think he and Bik Mama are seen dragging the party, or the casino, to be exact to the mud and into the opposing side a few months down the road.

What is summarized above is that camp Mahathir is of course out in daggers at Najib because of his problems, private to be exact that whatever is doing, according to them, demonstrates his incapability to run the country. On the other hand those in Najib's faction are too out for Mahathir's team for they have been a thorn in Rosmah's ambitious and fat intentions.

A year ago, we have heard what Muhyiddin declared himself as Malay first before Malaysian. This of course is in the flipside of Najib's 1Malaysia campaign that was mean to appease to all races.

Even if Najib claims to say that his 1Malaysia thing is his own idea, but come to think again, there are some of the party's warlords are not taking it that well, for it was against their own agenda and the so called Malay Supremacy agenda. Some would think that whatever Najib is doing is too liberal to their liking. Of course, if you look at the Islamic history and trace all the way down to the present age, there is a very much limit in creative thinking and reasoning, that you are not allowed to do so.

Anyway, Awang is entirely right except for one part. Recently we have raised the question on why Deepak was spotted at Tun Mahathir's birthday party at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur (since we've seen a picture of him there). The latest talk on Deepak is that he could be doing a U-Turn, excluding himself from being part of Mahathir's plan to kick Najib out before elections and install Mukhriz as the number 2 man in Malaysia (as DPM of course). I think he might be sensing a sort of trap here from how the scenario is going.

If you have seen my previous posting about my field day at Himpunan Kebangkitan you'd notice that I've added a money photo shot of Deepak and Sam Haris. If Deepak expects immunity in exchange for spilling in the beans, he won't get one, but was told to see a third party who can help him to facilitate his spilling of the beans. From the way it goes, Deepak wants to do his thing on his own terms.

The main point here is that with the internal turmoil going on within UMNO, Najib not getting much of support from those who are associated in him, we can surmise that the 1Malaysia pet project that Najib has been screaming in and out will likely end in the same fate as with Pak Lah's Islam Hadhari, which lasted just short of a full term of 5 years.

Given of Muhyiddin's way of thinking and keeping his cards close to his chest, it is likely that 1Malaysia would be going off sooner than expected. Even if Khairy Jamaluddin's statement that "dasar transformasi Najib" was successful would only be short lived. So supposed if that scenario where Najib got kicked out, be it before or after the election, Muhyiddin would be replacing the 1Malaysia with something else. A lot of money poured into Najib's public relation exercise thing could end up with not much of effect and could not scratch deep into the Malaysian psyche.

 Except for the naive who knows nothing at all, 1Malaysia is in a very fragile state right now.

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