Monday, April 22, 2013

Place Your Bets! The Casino Has Opened!

20 April 2013 - this special casino has opened its business to the people and other parties.

But the game they offered is very much different from the other casinos that you see in the world. This is because the game that they play do not require luck. You either take side A or side B.

In the hours following the nomination on Saturday, the bets have now opened. Big time rollers, as seen in the Penang and Klang festivities have started betting for the casino, not the player. Of course, any savvy casino player will know that the chances for the bank to win each hand are much higher than siding with the player.

And yes, judging from the amount of campaign ads on the ground and even on cyberspace, the amount of campaign money is not around RM 700 million so to speak but instead around RM 1.7 billion. Leading the boardroom in this special period is the casino owner himself, the 88-year old man who has restless nights fearing that his one-time protege is out to take the money that has been stored in the vaults and the banks who are connected with the casino. 

A RM 500 million loss approximate loss in the betting day means that the big pit boss will be kicked out by the casino owner in a special assembly next door of the casino in June 2013. The so-called alphabet and transformation programs could end up in the drain, unless, the casino wins at least RM 1.1. billion. 

But what is known is that there are pit bosses and their underlings that are far worst than the normal pit bosses and the croupiers that I've seen in international casinos. The writing is on the wall that the casino could lose more the amount lost in the 2008 edition. The latest rumor mill from insiders in the casino seems to confirm my suspicion.

In the next 13 days, I will try my best to write some thoughts and err "necessary insults" to get people wake up.

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