Monday, April 15, 2013

Six Feet Under

I don't like to get overconfident but with the main non-UMNO members of the coalition in Peninsular fielding in a total of 58 against UMNO's remaining 107 out of the 165 Parliamentary seats, it has the obvious signs that they are likely to be almost buried six-feet. It's one of the signs, the other being when Ah Koon (Gerakan's Koh Tsu Koon) and the pornstar both said that they will not contest in the general elections.

Two main points about MCA that I felt is that the party had already outlived its purpose and claims to defend the Chinese. Question mark is defending against who exactly after World War II and the Malayan Emergency was already long gone? When UMNO radicals started screaming over the Allah bible issue or the Shah Alam cow head issue, what was MCA doing? Daydreaming? Keeping quiet as like when the Ong brothers running the show? 

MCA and Gerakan both have the common thing of being kow tow to the lesser intelligent but yet the bigger bully in the current coalition called UMNO, a.k.a The Casino in Kuala Lumpur. As what Lim Kit Siang pointed that when MCA surrendered Kuantan and Gelang Patah to UMNO, it also paints a  perception that MCA is losing its marbles, knowing that full well that they could be in the bin.

On Saturday, while in Ipoh old town for some food, there were a group of MCA people going around giving pamphlets to customers in various shops. This reminded me of the MCA group that went around Lou Wong and Tuck Kee a few nights before the 12th GE many years ago. I think many still regards MCA candidates in particular as a typical example of a 'drain MP' - jaga longkang.

I told a few friends that they should go wager against the MCA that the party would lose worse than the last round from 15 to say around 7 seats, with each loss that they pay monies, a.k.a casino style. I would really like to see them dead and buried. Now that Superman OTK has been excluded in the candidates list, I have a feeling that it indirectly gives Rafizi Ramli a clearer shot in Pandan, unless there is a direct intervention from Najib or an unexpected problem happening in the PKR camp and so forth.

In 2012, Ipoh city councillor Ceylyn Tay was under hot soup for allegedly uttering "ham kah chan". While it didn't really interest me much of that petty issue, I knew for sure that she would definitely contest in Canning, given of a Chinese New Year banner that I saw in Simee Market for last year's Chinese New Year. I don't know how good is she, but my impressions with the present incumbent, Wong Kah Woh seems to say that he has handled well on his own, for now, given of a group of 12? people in his team. 

That's a little bit for those from Ipoh reading and voting there next month.

Gerakan is near death throes last round. MCA is sinking waist down. Could they be hammered one more time deeper to six feet under? I wish to see that, but you can't be that overconfident, considering that there are several die-hard people from that side, naive, and hardcore BN people out to stop the sinking sub-ships.

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