Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Myth of The Lazy Native Still Lives

Utusan last Sunday have attacked again the Chinese, warning them that the community stands to lose much by voting the opposition in the recent general elections. It is indirectly part of a series of attacks meant to alienate and hurt the community by the conservative and the extremist side of UMNO who still today are unable to understand why the community behaves differently from their expected follow the herd mindset. This is more of brainwashing those who have not been enlightened by the actual truths and misleading them into believing that one community is behind all the problems. This is however in contrast with the so called "call of reconciliation" that Najib makes weeks before.

The present set of problems faced by the country matches the hypothesis that I made a that there isn't going to be substantial changes despite promises by Najib. It's likely that it would be more or less a status quo with nothing to change more to appease the rural folks. One year ago, I have written my concerns in a posting detailing that it is high likely that the chances of change of government is unlikely because of one main factor excluding the gerrymandering factor: Malay votes

My view is that the cost of BN's win is acceptable but morally hollow. In the long run the ruling government will start to feel alienated with many voting for a refreshing change but with the smaller number of people were the eventual ones who decided on them forming out of  the new cabinet / government.

Base of the mindset and psyche of the Malay community, there are still those who are unwilling to change out of fear, uncertainty and victims of the fear mongering as well as the laziness of their attitudes / spiritual mentality. In the 1970s Mental Revolution analysis report, as again I've repeated over and over again:, the negative perception of the Malay community that many observers including former colonial masters noted is as follows:

1. Not truthful with themselves
2. Unpunctual
3. Looking for a quick buck using any means necessary sans hard work
4. Fatalistic attitude - always saying it is the fates of God vs working hard to decide their own fates
5. Spending very lavishly including having big feasts despite not having the sufficient budget to do so.
6. Getting emotional and sentimental too easily resulting in the inability to think logically and rationally.
7. Education that encourages submissive attitude with taking everything in without reasoning / questioning why.

As emphasized again, the scathing remarks no longer confines to one single race, but instead has already extended to every Malaysian, given that the limited scope referred by the analysis was made more than 40 years ago.

Let's put the first point above as example. Two days ago, Utusan has published a front line article saying that prices of cars have reduced between 2 to 11 percent on selected brands and models. Yesterday, car manufacturers, Volkswagen and Peugeout have denied this stating that the price still remained the same and not the one that was reported in the papers. Thus, was Utusan writing on their own imagination? And if people were expecting for a car reduction of 20% approximate across the board while it doesn't seem to happen now, it shows how the government is insincere. The real solution is to deduct a portion of the excess tax.

Utusan claims that the Chinese are emotional and greedy. However, by using the Revolusi analysis it is actually most Malays, they themselves included are actually emotional and greedy.

While the reasons of the voting trend for certain states like Kedah, Negeri Sembilan and Teregganu were known, and explained and understood to me by certain people who are familiar with politics, other states however do not have that factor applied in this reasoning, but instead, the ignorance is bliss attitude still adopted by many of these people will eventually prevent Malaysia from reaching the idealized Vision 2020 that Dr. Mahathir wanted more than 20 years ago. 

Many ministers in the government over the more mature world would definitely quit on admittance of committing a malpractice in government administration out of their sincerity. Sincerity is a key issue that is taught in each religion across the world. But not in Malaysia. Ministers, even committing physical assault, and other practices in conflict of interest will never sincerely quit because of the fear of humiliation and trend of Malaysian obsession with personalities over national interests.

The most often answer of why people in Singapore or other first world countries are socially more successful in every aspect is because of the emphasis of real nation building, with emphasis of religion factor out from day to day affairs. Some critics say that Turkey is like Malaysia today, but with one main difference: religion factor is out of the nation governance aspect.

The New Economic Policy could have made many Malay and Bumiputera people richer by the time the original program period ended in 1990. Instead, there are still 40% of 29 million Malaysians are in the poor class catergory, while many are still unable to get a better pay with the salary market still stagnant. Had the policy got executed perfectly minus loopholes, we would have seen many people driving better cars, say Mercedes, got better houses with the percentage of the poor reduced to around 5%. Instead, we are still seeing situation of the 80s despite better facilities and improved technology.

Criticism is very essential in every religion. Absolute control is equivalent to a man trying to play God is against the mission of man in the world. 

Menang tersorak, kampung tergadai - merely to hold on to 56 years of power, they unadmittingly brought in foreign workers from other states to vote in areas (videos recorded and put up on Youtube /facebook to prove it) at the expense of forsaking the national sovereignity. And when the disaster strikes, as what I have said sometime back, many people would eventually realize, but it will then be too late and the cost learnt from the disaster would be very very expensive and painful.

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