Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Kind of Dumbkopf Is He Talking?

Cynically, as an inverse of "Apa Cina Mau", I would say, "ini Melayu cakap apa ni?"

I find it a little hard to understand the logic of this MP from Penang. Perception wise, it is enough to piss a lot of people of mix races on this where the ambience of late night stalls is one way to get the people from all races together over a nice supper and a cup of coffee at a reasonable price.

There are far bigger problems than this late night stall eating and shisha that as according to the saying of Malays forget easily that the quality of life has degraded into a mediocre state - something that the recent "enlightened" minister Khairy has said in light of the incident in Bukit Bandaraya (will talk later on).

As you can view the video, you can see many urban people will start to be very very unhappy, while those in the rural areas will have no clue to what this fellow is talking about.

Buat apa lu orang pilih orang ini masuk Parlimen? Tak tahu malu kah?

By the way, another fellow in Selangor, Dr. Xavier also deserves to be screwed by other people. The common thing about both men is that "who are they to tell us to do tit for tat?" In other words, please lar, let other people have their own privacy. 

This is tantamount into wading into people's private everyday life telling you not to shower or forcing you to go to a specific place everyday against your will. There's bigger picture to look at lol!

Anyway, even if I don't write this, he's already shot himself on the foot as the statement invited plenty of brickbats anyhow. 

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