Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Alvivi: A Double Edge Sword Case

As of now I do not want to comment further or repeat again about the fuss going around with the situation surrounding the sex couple Alvin and Vivian thing. I have so far examined some remarks spoken by some people and I observed that the situation is a double edge sword. In other words, it's not just the pair who's in fault, but instead it is the society and the people too that plays the part.

First and foremost, the pair should have replaced a photo of the dish with something more generic in nature that can be consumed by all. Alternatively, they could also consider sending their message with a short one minute clip of them greeting - no pomp - instead of showing that. 

It is a sad thing that there's still many things to be learnt by both of them. The present society, though it's still naive and conservative are yet to be ready to accept the ideas of liberalism that advanced societies have been advocating. I remembered of one interesting line spoken by a minister, Nancy Shukri saying that drug criminals should been treated as patients rather than being criminals. We still have yet to see things from the other side. 

Of course, I would say let the law run its course, but the methods used to investigate like, how they are being made to sit for nine hours and subsequent overlapping questioning and multiple charges by police and even Islamic religious regencies have shown how inefficient our investigation system is. I also had a imagining thought of a couple in jail for a non-serious physical crime (murder, drugs, criminal breach of trust etc..) whereas on the real world, serious crimes have yet to be solved and addressed.

Muslim people, particularly in Peninsular Malaysia often mistook the pork ribs with herbal soup (bak kut teh) by associating it with pork (a taboo thing in Islam and many people). Another lesser variant, substituting pork with chicken is actually available, but it was to cater for other races who wanted to have a taste of the famous delicacy of the Chinese. 

Weakness In The Malaysian Society Psyche

However, while we let the police do their job (I wish they would have been more efficient rather than a triple-deck procedure), the ruckus that was triggered by many people, Malays in particular. Speeches and comments one after another with many commenting about the insensitivity of the two and chest thumping themselves, telling others not to interfere with the affairs have clearly demonstrated key weaknesses in the Malaysian society psyche.

First of all: we are people obsessive. We seem to be minding people's affairs and more interested with tabloid stories rather than more serious pressing matters. As the result while the nations foundation stones keep on rumbling of a possible collapse, people still remain ignorant all in the name of maintaining national security. 

Secondly, this has already revealed how certain groups of Malayisans are prone to various emotions. Many reacted small heartedly, not respond, to various situations at the slightest hint of mentioning something that will tick them. For instance, a few got very small hearted when seeing their non-Muslim people eating in front of them or if they see them wearing clothes that they do not like. When they are in that situation, they tend to make plenty of mistakes in decision making and this could at times result in a scenario being taken to the extreme (overboard).

Third, this has revealed hypocrisy by these people. This doesn't mean it's for certain group, but it happens to all of Malaysians, politicians included. A very simple example explained is about we showing our support for Syria and Palestine, but on the other hand, acted and responded wildly if a Vatican ambassador or any ambassador starts to make criticism or support to a certain view in Malaysia. In other words, we go emotional if there are things talked which didn't match our set of ideals that might be flawed. Okay, go ahead and charge them but the common question asked in this situation is "what about Ibrahim Ali or Zul Noordin?"

Fourth, is of course that many leaders rely on the old excuse answer of "for the sake of national security" or
"it will confuse a certain group of people" demonstrates their lack of inquisitive nature to go forth and find out the real answer. Was this excuse built on the hear sayings that was passed down for generations? Can't our leaders and the intellectual people dig down further to see whether that excuse myth is actually true or false. Surely, it is no harm done of revisiting the holy books, narratives, commentaries written by the scholars of the past to ascertain our hypothesis? Our leaders - especially the old guard are still bankrupt of ideas, and those young and energetic might have the problem of breaking ranks with the veterans considering of repercussions to come.

Today, Malaysia is one of the small number of countries in the world that still uses the British-spawned Sedition Act. The act, according to the time of conception is actually close to 800 years ago, introduced during the reign of Henry VIII. Even our own former colonial master has abolished it three years ago seeing of its irrelevance and the alternative laws that can be used for that. It's no wonder that Malaysia is actually a neo-feudal country. This old law is one case, the native's mentality, especially the uneducated is still stuck around the equivalence of the 17th century Europe. I often wondered what really happens if this same structured society is around the next two - three centuries: we would be ridiculed and chastised all the way even until after death. A fitting way to say how stupid and naive we are until we die. 

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