Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Different Ballgame Together

Serdang's MP Ong Kian Ming gave his own analysis of the recent Kajang by-election describing the 3 percentage increase of popular votes as a signal of increase support for Pakatan. His analysis has been published on Malaysiakini here.

However, in the overall statement, I am not in agreement with it because Kajang is just a different ballgame compared to other areas. As Kajang is considered an urban area, it can be said that a Pakatan victory is almost certain, regardless of the vote majority.

The East Malaysia such as the upcoming Balingian by-election is a different ballgame. The challenge there is the Malayan-style of politics can hardly work in there, with people do not take kindly to the people from the Peninsular in particular to meddle with the state affairs. I once recalled having some friends going over to Batang Ai to see the campaign during that by-election. However, it was noted that the form of persuasion and thinking of people there are not as the same as it was, subsequently some gave up and left days before the polling day.

The much tougher ballgame challenge that Ong and his coalition colleagues should understand and tackle immediately would be the rural areas of the peninsular. One area of instance would be in Lenggong where I was told that almost the majority of voters there do not have Internet and clearly rely on the MSM - hence most would believe of the stereotypes of "Chinese taking over the country and etc."

It is important to understand these ballgames are not the same as one another. It clearly depends on the location and whether it is situated in Peninsular or in East Malaysia.

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