Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Passing of "Unker" Bernard Khoo a.k.a Zorro

Sometime ago I knew that my blogger buddy Bernard, a.k.a Zorro Unmasked was not in a good condition, as the last time I visited him at the UMMC a few months ago, he was undergoing treatment to remove the cysts in his kidneys. Late last week, I became aware that he was to undergo another surgery on Monday. Though it was reported successful, things have taken downturn after that, with another friend of mine said that he might not last that long already.

I eventually decided that I would want to visit him while he's still breathing during lunch hour today. Anura, my other blog buddy a.k.a Galadriel also wanted to go to, as according to her. Having regretted not speaking to my granddad further a week before he passed away 5 years ago, I am determined that if possible to say something to him before he goes off eventually or to hear what wants to say if possible. 

Unfortunately, my other friend Duke inform all of us that Bernard left us just before 11 a.m. I wasn't aware that he had cancer for nearly 2 years or so. And the my original plan of the day got cancelled for that. I can only

What can I remember about Bernard?

Well, first time meeting him was back during the first B.U.M (Bloggers United Malaysia) in Subang Jaya in 2007. It can be said that Bernard is one the two bloggers originally hailed from Perak, apart from Stephen (Shanghai Fish) and myself, though from different towns. After the first BUM, we would eventually meet up at a few other gatherings with other bloggers at events like the Anak Bangsa Malaysia opening, and even other rallies as well. Or informally, we would happen to bump to one another and having drinks with some of the folks at the regular drinking outlet at Taman Desa.

Some of us like Galadriel, Mob (Chris), Aliza, SK Thew (Mage) and Kerp and the younger generation tend to call him Uncle Bernard considering his seniority over the rest others. It's quite sad to see another senior age blogger to go off after Captain Yusof (The Ancient Mariner) and Dalilah (One Bouncy Breast).

I can remember at times we would go around areas as the Special Bunch group such as visiting the by-election areas. I've been to a few of the places there with the group, whenever I am available. A proud moment with compliments from him was doing the first scouting at Bukit Gantang by-election prior to the group spending a week at Taiping. It was by coincidence that I went there following my granddad's passing in Penang that I eventually decided to give them a head start. This was written 5 years ago on 27 March.

I know Uncle Bernard can at times be sarcastic, pulling my legs and at times pestering me over a few things including relationships which I felt I am still not ready yet despite my age. A sarcastic remark at me by him during the Bagan Pinang by-election landed him in hot soup by some mutual friends of ours as some other people overheard that sarcastic remark. Things cooled down eventually.

I intended to visit him today as to make peace and forgiveness over a few things, but it didn't happen. So, "Unker", if you have to apologize over what you have at me, you have my forgiveness and vice-versa.

Now that Bernard is gone, I wonder how can we carry on the his desired fight to achieve a new Malaysia? How can Malaysia reach Vision 2020 if there are still many who have this conservative mindset? I don't like an outcome where people only realize the mistake 300 years later as the Galileo history has shown in example. Will it only happen after even myself gone too in 40-50 years to come?

I will be getting real drink later to salute in his honor.
Farewell, as you ride off to the sunset!  

P.S: I also managed to dig up some old photos and found some clear images of him for savor.

This was sometime in 2008 at the NPC.

Sunday night vigils at MBPJ, remember?

Shot at Chris (right)'s request

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