Monday, April 28, 2014

The Chest-Thumping Village Heroes After Skulking In Shadows

I've already expected that as soon as Obama departed Kuala Lumpur for Manilla early in the morning, the chest-thumping heroes that I've mentioned about in my previous post (read here) have started to talk in things that can make certain people puke like a billy goat. These people made comments based on Obama's statement from yesterday's town hall meet at UM stating that Malaysia cannot succeed unless given equal opportunity.

No sooner after the President's departure, the first chest-thumping style statement comes from the Home Minister himself who refuted the president's statement and immediately said in his own way of almighty style saying that Putrajaya has been fair to everyone including non-Muslims. However, this was contradictory to what NGOs, The Bar Council and SUHAKAM have told in a one-hour closed door session with Obama at Ritz-Carlton KL. Anyone who have heard and read the myths of the lazy native would surely can figure that Zahid's statement falls under the myth of "lazy natives lack of courage to fight for truth and be truthful for themselves"

Zul Noordin should have been putting up this statement earlier rather than throwing a stone but hiding his hand as what he had shown when issuing his press statement following Obama's visit. Read here

The religious NGO ISMA is no doubt the worst offender of the lot noted claiming that Obama is handicapped thinking. However, it is imperative that one should not underestimate that the expatriates working in KL can also serve as eyes and ears for the higher global organizations, as an expatriate friend of mine have introduced me to one such person who can do these kind of  roles, especially should a their own person is threatened or intimidated. Their logic of "my religion is better than yours" apart from certain supporters from both Malay-majority parties of both divides is actually a congruent of "The religious intolerance and the dominating and selfish Muslim attitude of imposing their values on others."

ISMA's comments have resulted in a response from Zaid Ibrahim who said by three twits:

Zaid Ibrahim's comments via Twitter: (2.23 pm - 2.25 pm)

Government has been fair to Non-Muslims according to Home Minister. Fairness is subjective, equality better test. On equality there is no doubt that Muslims are treated differently. ISMA does not even recognize equality for non-Muslims. Sad thing is neither Zahid nor PM will dare contradict ISMA.

Because of the "white man from the west is always right" mentality, nobody dared to stand up and ask tough provocative questions and matters (like the foreign journalists do) while the #POTUS is in town. Either they didn't have the inspiration to question or as the myth of the lazy native points out - hesitant of asking lest inviting provocation from peers.

Also read: 

No doubt, this has shown what some of us think that these "jaguh kampung" are on the emotional fuel when at home and there's no white man outside, but should one come, they would mellow and become meek. Thus the mantle to carry on fighting what some of the people who have passed fighting for the same thing has become harder and harder each day comes. Yet they keep forgetting the adage of "menang tersorak kampung tergadai"

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