Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Bodoh Punya Semua Lu"

"The problem with Malaysia and Malaysians in general is the refusal to admit to our stupidity. Until and unless we admit to being stupid about certain things, we will be mired in our stupidity and unable to progress."

"Our leaders, for instance, seem to be allergic to the basic apology. Screw-ups? No one in the government screws up! The ruling coalition is infallible, indestructible, indubitably capable."

"And if you believe that, I’m sorry, you’re stupid."

-Erna Mahyuni

This actually rings true when the RON 97 price goes up by another 20 cents to RM 2.90. Some say that the ministry is afraid to announce it to avoid further anger from the public.

I would say that you all made the wrong choice. I said in Sarawak elections, "succumbing to the Devil's temptation"

Bodoh punya semua lu! Read more here.

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