Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's Not Forget Today That...

Today is 5 May.

Were my late grandfather still alive today, he would have been a prosperous 88 years old today. Pat Pat (88 in Cantonese) would mean something lucky to say and utter about. On official paper records, it was written that he was born today.

But of course this coincides with the murdered Altantuya. Altantuya was born on 5 May 1978, the day he retired. Altantuya can be called our Asian equivalent of Black Dahlia (Elizabeth Short was brutally murdered and was called the Black Dahlia)

People have tried reminding everyone that the entire case of Altantuya has yet to be closed in full, entirely. They have tried to send a cake to Putrajaya to remind the big wigs that it is not over yet, even the two cops were sentenced for their part of the murder. And instead they get caught and an arrogant cop threw the cake away.

Recently, the Raja Petra interview in Australia that got featured in TV3 made the headlines one day last month. Pete said, that one of the idea of having that interview is to remind the police to investigate his allegations penned in the statutory declaration. It takes one sensational news to remind the police not to slack and sleep on their work.

The name of that woman scorned became a taboo word. Yes, we would want to see the end of it. But how it ends has yet to be known, hopefully as soon as possible. Delayed justice is a pain in the neck for some, right?

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