Saturday, May 28, 2011

If They Don't Like Some Things Then Declare It Illegal!

“If in Egypt one million youths gathered in Tahrir Square to change that country’s leadership... in Malaysia, one million youths gathered to defend Putrajaya,” he said.

“Are you willing to defend Putrajaya?” he asked repeatedly, to cheers from the 8,000-strong crowd.

I still don't even understand Najib's logic behind calling the youths to "do the King Kong" thing, just because they believe that Putrajaya is Barisan Nasional and no one else's. They also see Pakatan as the Communist, which there is a thinking of the Cold War still going on, although it's already more than 20 years since it was ended already. Maybe, I might want to go back into watching those Red Alert period movies, like Dr. Strangelove or the fourth Indiana Jones movie just to review that period really.

This brings back the thing that Najib said in the UMNO assembly in October, of saying crushed bodies in defending Putrajaya. The statement mentioned in UMNO is also being relayed to youngsters there. UMNO is indirectly sending this kind of order and statement to do such thing. This could also implies of doing anything, even if it is also morally wrong just to accomplish one non-nonsensical objective.

I can't even put a finger and picture of youngsters doing King Kong just because they are told to do so. If this happens, then what is the purpose of having democracy in Malaysia? For some of us who doubt this thing and raise this issue, what will be the response of those yahoos who do really believe in things blindly? Many of us are still unaware that we've been asked to support things and those that are even immoral.

Two weeks ago, on 8 May from The Malaysian Insider, a similar kind of statement was brought out by Ghani Othman. It may not be exactly the same as what Najib is saying, but the statement implies that the opposition is the threat to Malays and so forth. An utter bullshit spoken by people who are following blindly on something, even doing things which are too stupid to follow.

Looking at that, these people talk and behave like school children. It's lending them a toy and they are not willing to return it back even if it's not rightfully theirs. We the people, who vote for them in the office are like those who lend toys to them - tax monies are one of those toys - and we have the right to ask it back when time comes.

This of course reminds me of the Queen of The Night's famous aria in Mozart's The Magic Flute.

If they don't really like some things, like the election process, to the point that there's extensive vote buying - then just things illegal outright. Why drag their own feet if they don't like it? Like in Germany, once the Nazi's came into power in 1933, all other parties are declared illegal. Partly one reason is because any opposition parties can be considered as a problem of shaping the nation's agenda to their defined ideals.

But of course such things can be very disastrous. In the aftermath of the Egypt uprising, Hosni Murbarak was given just deserts by the people. Mubarak was fined $34 million US for obstructing the Internet in Egypt, where people got very angry at oppression. And this course poses a question to our young here...should we have a strong independent mind, able to discern things and decide on our own will or rather become a mere meek person and just obeying the existing system, if it demands total obedience and doing things that are immoral?


Egypt: Hosni Mubarak fined for cutting internet

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been fined $34m (£20m) for cutting off communications services during the uprising that ousted him.

The fine of 200m Egyptian pounds is the first clear ruling against Mr Mubarak since he left office in February. Two other senior officials were also fined.

The 83-year-old is currently under arrest in hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh after being taken ill in detention.
He has been charged over the deaths of anti-government protesters.
Officials probed
Mr Mubarak is also being questioned over charges that he and his family made huge profits during the three decades he spent as Egyptian president.

More than 20 Mubarak-era ministers and businessmen linked to the regime have been detained since his departure.

Last week, former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly was sentenced to 12 years in jail on charges of money-laundering and profiteering.

On Saturday, he was also fined over the disruption to telephone and internet services during the Egyptian revolution, along with Mr Mubarak and his former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

Adly also faces separate charges of ordering troops to fire on demonstrators. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

Mr Mubarak and his sons Alaa and Gamal have been charged with "premeditated murder" of some participants in the protests, the country's state news agency reported. - BBC

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