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Bersih - Alahai Mat Sembab!

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today drew parallels between the recent UK riots and last month’s Bersih rally even after the prime minister distanced himself from the harsh crackdown on the march for free and fair elections.

Seemingly out of step with Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s new, more conciliatory stance, Muhyiddin congratulated the police for their handling of the Bersih rally after citing the UK riots as a “clear example” of how a country can descend into chaos if “elements that threaten peace and security” are not stopped.
“Although it (UK) is a modern nation, there were people... who took the opportunity to riot and create chaos to fulfil certain needs that are not in line with the needs of the majority,” he said at the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) College here.
“The government is very proud and pleased with the role and bravery of PDRM in handling the illegal Bersih demonstration on July 9, 2011 that was, in fact, dirty (kotor).”
Muhyiddin’s comments today comes one week after Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said Malaysians should be thankful that police action had prevented the Bersih rally from turning violent like the UK riots.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has also previously said on his Facebook page that the riots in London and other major cities in Britain were evidence of the “nightmares” that could be prevented by avoiding street protests.

Najib said on Monday that a bipartisan parliamentary select committee will be formed “as soon as possible” to examine the current electoral system, a key demand of Bersih.

His announcement was seen as a major concession acknowledging the political fallout from his administration’s harsh clampdown on the rally for free and fair elections that brought the capital to a standstill last month.

The Najib administration was roundly criticised in the international media, with his reformist image taking a major hit after authorities took extreme measures including firing tear gas and water cannons at largely peaceful demonstrators.

The prime minister’s decision also suggests he was forced to give space to Bersih and its iconic leader Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan as the government has been floundering since last month’s rally.

Muhyiddin Likens Bersih To London Riots - 18 August 2011, Malaysian insider


This has been a number of times that I've lost count of Muhyiddin Yassin keeps saying that Bersih is related to this and that for all I care. If I recall correctly, back in the beginning, Muhyiddin was noted saying that Bersih is used by Opposition to topple BN, Bersih is a threat to national security, and Bersih is undemocratic and so forth.

I just went back to check the chronology of statements leading to the Bersih event on 9 July and there are matching entries relating Muhyiddin's statements to that. The UMNO paranoia started on 16 June, 3 days before the launch (the launch was on 19 June, a Sunday) with Utusan first started the fuse with Bersih's launch. (Note: Utusan news hitman columnist Zulkiflee Bakar started the drum with his column). And that started the avalanche of accusations by the government on Bersih.

You can read the sequence of events of Bersih that has Muhyiddin's statements:

These instances above, even from one source alone is enough to paint a picture that Muhyiddin led UMNO's paranoia on Bersih and subsequently, from there, government refused to give rally permits, intensify detention before rallies, and the illogical arrests on anything that is yellow and of course Bersih, perceived as a society but actually a movement that was declared illegal by Hishamuddin.

Several other people including Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin  have added oil to fire, making things hotter and hotter. With their paranoia including in their speeches, this has influenced the police to stop the rally at all costs, peaceful or otherwise. But all the paranoia that these men have come out of their mouths turns out to be unfounded. Was it to hide the guilt that the cheating game of elections necessary? But who actually lit the fire and made it bigger? The statements from him makes it possible.

In the end, most of us tried digging for proof to such claims above to refute it and there was absolutely none. Pure nonsensical and tons of lies to make a shit out of nothing for an event. And yes, failure to understand English well also plays part of it. That's why there are still people out there who still cannot even differentiate between a protest and a riot. In fact we even fell behind to Myanmmar when they have started to loosen things up bit by bit.

But sometimes there is also a logic of looking at this incidents as red herrings. Was it part of a plan to entrap Najib? Some of my friends and people have always said that Najib is not only facing enemies on the outside but in the inside, in this case, other factions in the party itself. And this puts a question of whether this was meant to get people to get angry at Najib Razak and thus hasten his exit? 

These statements above also reflect the childish mindset of the government. Instead of giving a 3 hour permit for that day, they deliberately make things from bad to worst, just to show their dislike on anything or anyone that challenges or disputes their rule. Giving a permit to them means capitulation, a.l.a IRA style. But it is them that refuses to listen and do the fixes. If they close their ears all the time, then how will the people get their attention? If you write a letter to someone yet the letter was never opened after a specific time, how are you going to follow up and get their attention to your problem?   

Sometimes, being above and sitting behind a desk can put a person into not able to hear the ground. That's the caveat of being in the high-ranking job. 

Alahai, bising banyak tuduh banyak bagi orang tak salah kena tangkap, si penjenayah masih lagi bebas berkeliaran. Ni masih tak faham apa pasal gaduh di London dengan bantah di KL! Aiyoh!

Annotation: I've asked some people what it means by "sembab" and it means swollen face. Incidentally, Hishamuddin Rais always called this guy "Mat Sembab" because he had this swollen look and the face of a pirate.

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  1. Mat Lembab is more like it.
    How can this guy be our DPM?
    God forbid he become PM!
    He's such a moron!


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