Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Two Faces of Malaysia

Malaysia’s biggest race is like the displaced Palestinian Arabs who seem nationalistic but cannot resist selling away their rights to high bidders, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wrote in memoirs released yesterday.

Dr Mahathir has been an ardent defender and critic of the Malay race, and has both written and commented extensively on the community and its future direction.

“Outwardly, the Malays seem to be nationalistic, at times to the point of being racist. They can become very anti-Chinese and do not hesitate to be rude and unreasonable when criticising them. Their attitude recalls the behaviour of the Arabs in Palestine,” the former prime minister wrote in his autobiography, “A Doctor In The House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad”.

“Nationalist or not, they could not resist the prices offered,” Dr Mahathir said in his comparison of the two races half a world apart.

He observed that while the Arabs were strident in condemning the Zionists for carving out an Israel state out of their land, they had also “willingly sold their land to the Jews”.

“I am not suggesting that our Chinese Malaysians are like the Jews, only that the Malays have acted like the Palestinian Arabs,” said Dr Mahathir, a known world leader in championing Palestine’s cause against the Zionist regime in the strife-ridden Middle East conflict.

Closer to home, he is known as the patron of pro-Malay rights group, Perkasa, which has been lobbying the Najib administration to keep the New Economic Policy (NEP).


This was what Dr. Mahathir was saying on the day of his memoir launch, in which the key point said is that no matter how nationalistic a person is, they still succumb to the temptations of selling out and becoming coolies in the process. In the way, we need to ask ourselves who is actually selling out Malaysia to others?

Hypocrisy is also one element that can be noticed in the subject above. A starting case in point is the accusation of the EO6 by the police that they are propagating subversive communist content. Yes, we know that the communist content was not found in the reason of arrest that the charge of waging war against Agong was dropped, but what seems to be reflecting what Dr. Mahathir said is already out there for some time! There is question of why we are anti-communism on the inside, whereas on the exterior shell, we seem to have no difficulty in establishing a diplomatic relationship with a communist nation like China and North Korea. It's like having a smiling face on the outside while a dark demeaning nature face on the inside. 

But that alone is not sufficient in my arguments. The more are below:

Recently, Malaysia had to apologize to the Chelsea football team because many of the local football fans booed at Youssi Benayoun the moment he touches the ball. Yes, it is by passion and from the influence of the First Intifada that people have hated the Zionist regime of Israel. Along the way, many tend to associate anything that is Israel as Jews, although there is a clear separation of the difference between Jews and Zionist. One of them is a race, and another is an ideology, but yet many have mixed both of it together.

And it brings us to the need of having a public relations company with Israeli consultants. Shades of hypocrisy are there. If our passport shows that we can visit anywhere but Israel, why are we doing things that are equivalent to what Dr. M said - selling out reputation and country for the riches and the need of accomplishing their goals? Have you all seen a preview of the new coins soon to be issued by the Central bank? Look at the sample of the new 10 sen coin:

One can noticed by careful study and analysis that although we can see the star and cresent moon as with our National Flag, the shape of the star looks more of the tracing above. Very suspicious isn't it? From my past reading experience, I noticed that many pro-government NGOs would say no or screaming the moment if something that whacks on things that are not favorable to their liking. On the other hand why do they get very silent even if it is revealed that their own government is colluding with the enemies they hate with passion? 

Yes, it's right to be careful, but to say yes on one side but no one on one side indicates the two faces of a person. In other words, hypocrites. Even the Perkins book, "Confessions of an Economic Hitmen" do give warnings of such kind.

Back then, in 1915, Charles Brooke, the second Rajah of Sarawak did warn his chiefs:

"You must choose between the two, the owner or master on one side or dependent and coolie to the other. It's for you to see that whoever rules this land the land is not granted away to strangers. This is the danger after I have passed away."

I also recalled something that was mentioned weeks ago:

Street demos DO NOT undermine the country’s economy. Corruption does. Get it? Corruption! Corruption undermines the country’s economy. Not street demos. Street demos kick out the munafiq and fasiq leaders who are destroying the country. -- Melayu Bodoh, 31 July 2011

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