Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sinisterly Project '71'

I've passed by several times along Jalan Ipoh where between Standard Chartered Bank and Alliance Bank is an office for hiring foreign workers. Everyday, for the last few days those people have been lining up there to get themselves registered as part of the PATI program lest they face deportation. We are talking mostly Indons, Pakistanis, Indians and few other foreigners here doing mostly the labor jobs that most Malaysians would shun off of doing so. In that process, is the usage of the biometric system needed to profile those kind of people. And it is the same biometric system that the Election Commission have been talking about of saying it is better than the indelible ink process done after voting - something that it is being opposed.

The only reason that the biometric is being opposed by those who are intelligent and articulate is simply because of the question of who is controlling the system. This also has been opposed by some university students in their university elections. Who is controlling the system becomes the very important person, as if the person plays the fulcrum of the weighing scales. The person, if unchecked but intelligent, would be able to manipulate the data to the favor the candidate which is going to win either a state or parliamentary seat. 

Certain people cited the history of the manipulated close-call election between George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000 where alleged vote manipulation in Florida was the decisive moment that gave Bush the win over Gore, and thus in hand set a chain of events under Bush Jr's presidency. This is why lately Pakatan Rakyat and civil society movements have been very against it.

The incident of the of a Permanent Resident being granted of the citizenship in the matter of 4 hours is something that has already triggered suspicion. Following that, a series of revelations of permanent residential people being given citizenship has already raised eyebrows over whether it is going to be part of the sinister plan of populating PR turned citizen into the current pool of voters in the possible snap elections later on. 

The dry-run election results by BN in Perak and Negeri Sembilan recently has already worried the top brass because of the support by the non-Malays favor the opposition. A lot of bread and butter problems was the main reason, followed by corruption and dirty politics - that was what was identified in the dry run. How is the BN trying to win all by a higher majority? As the statistics revealed that the core reason of the win was largely the Malay and Bumi votes and adding permanent resident people into the voting pool can largely augment the reason in addition of having

As the saying goes, knowledge is power and by having these people registered, they do not have the knowledge of what is this party and what do they do. If you are an illiterate person, you are likely to go for the scale image in the voting paper as it can give a person an pictorial meaning. What does a moon represent in pictorial aspect? 

In summary, biometrics for vote manipulation on computer and PR-turned-citizen voters to supplement the pool of Rela and postal votes in every 222 parliamentary seat - does that sound fishy and goes to say playing at an uneven field for BN to win big as what UMNO leaders claim?

Looking at the broader picture, the big sell-off of global markets on Thursday - 2.5 Trillion USD wipeout is affecting everywhere, with no nation is being spared. So even if BN wins but if the wipeout causes Malaysia to go default, then who is really to be blamed? It's just the government of the day, right? And Nor Mohd Yackop, who echoed John McCain of saying "our economy will not be affected" will be made to chew is own words if such case would happen. McCain paid the penalty of such statement, losing to Obama in the presidential elections in 2008.

I kept saying of the IRA mentality that BN is still showing. A defeat to them means capitulation, and a loss of Malay power. But those things are already non-existent. Anyone that reads the ending of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet would know that because of the vanity, arrogance and non-logical traditions, two lovers dead because of family pressure and the families were left to lament on their wrongs. That is very similar to what is to become here soon.

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