Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eventually Squeezed and Discarded

In these prior few days, we are seeing another episode of a minister with national project, in this case the National Feedlot Project which is handled by her family. And while the case has been reported to the MACC, the MACC would then pass the buck to the police. Of course, normal people would not be happy of such way of dealing problems where an authority with the capability to investigate such possible mismanagement would not want to do anything (but still has the knowledge and expertise of handling) but instead hand this case to the police to do it.

I used to recall the funny moment of our then Iron Lady who was in the MITI ministry that was banging up and down about the AP thing. That episode was almost forgotten for many years then until this thing came up. This is a clear cut example of a minister and a politician who has also put interests in business even though as a minister, you are not supposed to do so. It also sounds unfair where you as a prominent person in United Malays National Organization gets to own pieces of this and there with ease at the expense of other people and parties who have been trying very hard to get such a project with the amount of resources and good reputation in hand.

You can call it jump queue if you want. But it also gives a statement that whatever that is morally illegal is allowed if you are a member of this party. Does it also say "okaylah, I close one eye, go ahead"? Maybe a few years ago, when people like myself start to enter the working world, near to the end of studying in school or in universities, I would see and read things of the party that keeps saying that through them their race rights would be preserved and taken care off. But what Sharizat and a few others are doing are clearly speaking otherwise  - unless you choose to be stupid, ignorant and refuse to see the what is being laid at around you.

I was already certain from the beginning that the price is not the market price. Why the Auditor-General's criticism of the price was including the percentage cut demanded by those who want to get involved in the projects for the sake of money. If the project is co-insured or involved many other parties, with their demands of the cut included, of course the project cost will balloon high, at the expense of people's tax money, and borrowing of money from certain institutions as well. 

There was a line from the first Lord of the Rings movie where the skeptical Gimli the Dwarf said during the council of Elrond argument "Never trust an elf!" Well, that was way before the friendship between dwarf and elf came evident in the next two movies. Recalling that line I thought of putting it in a very cynical way of never trust an "eee" for they cheat - though factually it is not entirely true. How can a reject that loses to Nurul Izzah in the GE somehow gets a ministerial post and then the Feedlot project? Answer is already there: membership card, and then main party being in helm for 55 years!

Here we are we have a party that still thinks that they are great and bragged about "defending Putrajaya at all costs, even with crushed bodies". There is still the need of clarification of "at all costs", does it mean that playing dirty with every dirty trick known in the book? 

No matter how much defending is done for Sharizat by several people in the same party organization, like Pak Lah, Khairy and even the then agriculture now Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin, the damage from such allegation is already done. First, people will already start making noises of unfairness or starting to raise question of "what about us?". Secondly, Sharizat is already been made a scapegoat, expendable and a liability to the corrupt authority. That is to put to say, that she's squeezed already on all fronts and could eventually be discarded in time to come. And third of course, would be people asking, "now that she is a problem, then what about other people who shares the same case as with Sharizat?"

Now word is that Sharizat's exit is already in motion and in fact inevitable. If you are familiar with factions in UMNO then there's not much to be explained about. Team 3M is of course in favor taking her out already. That's one squeeze. The other squeeze is that there is a clash between Team Sharizat and Team Nong Chik on who is going to represent Barisan in contesting Lembah Pantai against Nurul Izzah next time round. Another word I got is that the NFC debacle is also kept smouldering alive for Nong Chik (also known as giving ammo) to beat Sharizat ahead in candidacy.

If the people starts squeezing her on one front while factions in UMNO are squeezing her on another front, then where does it lead Sharizat Jalil eventually? Imagine like a crushed can before throwing it to a bin - what does it tell you?

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