Monday, November 7, 2011

The Fear and Paranoia

(pic from Anak Sungai Derhaka blog)

I was looking at the picture maybe a few times past few days ago. The picture seems to give a very direct impression of why Najib needs a large group of bodyguards surrounding his entourage.

I was wondering whether if this actually answers my suspicion that Najib and co have done so many activities of wrong conduct to the point that they are prepared to deny that they do it. Running the government on federal level is a much more heavier responsibility than running a state level. You got to take care of the 14 states under the federation that is called Malaysia.

Few friends often ask the same question as I do: why are there so many bodyguards, motorbike fellows surrounding the PM's convoy whenever if he has an official function or something? I don't remember Mahathir or Pak Lah having the kind of number of protection around them. If you are leader that is well respected by 95 percent of the population, then I don't even think Najib should be afraid of it.

But this could answer my hypothesis of: they deny it but they actually did it.

A few times, people also tell me of the saying "they rob but they hide behind their piousness". To describe it further, they plunder the people and the country's resources yet they go to the mosque and pray, to hide behind goodness. The problem is, either many of us are ignorant or we refuse to accept the fact that we're facing this problem but don't want to correct it.

I say that Zunar's cartoon sums my point.

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