Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pwahh...So Terror Meh?

 "Under DAP, Malays have become "baruas". I won't mince my words because I mean what I say. Anyone who supports DAP is a "bangsat" (bastard)." - Shaik Hussein Mydin (Penang UMNO Youth Chief - see pic above) terror meh that statement from this Orang Eee here, which was part of the UMNO Youth bashing session on Pakatan Rakyat. It's definitely one statement to make that they expect all Malays to unite under one banner called United Malays National Organization. But the thing is not all are stupid as they think. Some are smart to see that to see that only those who are willing to be cheated over and over again or refusing to change are those willing to sing in chorus to their tune.

With that kind of statement from this Mamak ultra, I pictured that as insulting other people. On the other hand, there are some people that can't understand the underlining statement of the "village champion" like Shaik Hussein - which is that it can be translated as a blackmail to the people on voting - a voting offense if this fella decides to contest in a state seat anyhow. Were this is Russia, the person would have been considered a persona non grata or if we're still in World War 2, he would have been shot on sight for disobeying Order #227.

It is already a little too late for our dear Khairy to admit of "foul language remarks" as through cyberspace, people who read it is considered that an insult, especially when the man above said that he won't mince his words anyhow.

This of course reminds me of something else along the way. You see concurrently with the speeches, the UMNO Youth has been pushing for all of their members to defend Sharizat at all costs in the NFC spill. And the person who says that is none other than Reezal Merican, another Orang Eee to protect another Orang Eee. Sarcastically I start to think that it's now a fact that it's already United Mamak National Organization. 2 weeks ago, my retiree friend wrote a comment on (Mahathir The Uniting Factor) that rings true:

Being the first Mamak UMNO President & PM in the history of Malaysia Who divided UMNO "further" with the 3rd Force? By accident or by "Design" as is always in Politics! Who brought in KIMMA as direct members of UMNO, when they should have been component parties of BN?

Not surprised SOON Mamakutty's words will come true "By Design" Afterall he wrote the book about the "Malay Dielemma"

We have already seen our "Financial" mess created by MM, his cronies including his Macai, Md Nor Yacob & gang. UMNO will soon be taken over & be referred to as United Mamak National Organisation. The Ketuanan UMNOputras with their "Bonsified" brains & Mentality will continue selling themselves "short" with their "Ali Baba" mentality (By Design of MM!)

To answer that problem, is very simple. You just need not listen to them that's all. All we have to do is to wisen up, don't be so stupid and subservient. If Malaysia is to progress and to catch up what was lost since the 1997 financial crisis, then we just have to do the unthinkable and considered taboo: kick them out. But this thing lies on the 15 million Malay Malaysians, who form the big pie of the population, for they are the majority that decides the fate of the country for the next 40 years: same feudal age, mentality landscape in a digital, future technology era or moving past the superstition and bringing new enlightenment and advancement.

This excerpt testament by Ikhram Merican actually confirms what Hishamuddin Rais has been saying all along that Orang Eee uses those provisions and privileges entitled to masquerade as a Malay. (the phrase "menyamar Melayu")

I have no disrespect for the Malay culture which is beautiful. We can all learn a thing or two from Malay adat. However, I do hold a grudge against the deliberate extermination of one’s own heritage. I further find it offensive when Indian Muslims, in their eagerness to convert, use Machiavellian means to identify themselves as Malay. It demonstrates a lack of dignity and self-worth.

Naturally, I feel sick when I read of the charades of UMNO politicians, academicians, and community leaders masquerading as Malays, spewing hatred against other races, sometimes against their own roots. Even when they’re challenged as to their real identity, they shamelessly defend their false Malay roots. For some, Tamil is still spoken in whispers, in the privacy of their homes, like it were a “dirty” parlance.

Why? For special rights? For economic handouts? My grandfather worked very, very hard for providence. So did the men of his generation. The early Indian Muslim traders who came to these shores were an industrious lot who earned their bread. They contributed to Malaysia’s rich heritage without becoming cultural orphans. They cherished their roots. Hardship and experience polished them. It earned them monopolies in certain trades that last till today. 

This legacy is being destroyed. A culture and heritage is disappearing only to be replaced by a false sense of security. In the process, the Indian Muslims are offending not only their own race and the Chinese, but many Malays too. In the long run, we as a community will isolate ourselves from our roots and the nation in which we want so much to assimilate with.

Read also: Wahai Bani Ketuanan Melayu by Hishamuddin Rais

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