Monday, March 19, 2012

There's No Harm Giving Them Chance of a Term

It is very certain that the elections would be around early June, as to take advantage of the school holidays. Arguably, a pointer to that is the launch of the Federal Territory BN election machine officiated by Muhyiddin Yassin himself at Titiwangsa yesterday. There's not much room of manuever and selecting the best date for election largely due to external factors. However I recalled having seen somewhere that having the election around that date is also one way of Najib telling his mentor Dr. Mahathir that he's not going to call the elections at the expiry of the term, as what the old man wishes for.

Everyone knows the saying of "lesser of two evils". If people are simply accepting what Najib Razak is begging over the last few days including going up and down Perak, KL and Selangor, then you are expected by them to be stupid, not well educated to allow them to commit the very sins that taint the nation - crimes unfounded, money spilling out and many that will take a lot of space to list up in one posting.

The fault of who decides it is simply the people themselves. Whatever we have taught with the still stagnant and mundane education system has made us more of robots and seeing things in the boundaries of a box. We are merely taught to memorize and excel in exams, but in reality whatever we've learnt will hardly be used in the real-world work experience as different material is being taught and utilized. So we were never educated properly of what we can do under the concept of democracy. What is still happening in Malaysia still falls under the ideology of neo-feudalism.

That ideology is defined as rebirth of policies of governance, economy and public life reminiscent of those present in many feudal societies. It is related to some of the ideas of neo-medievalism. Look at several aspects of society around us. Does it all relate to the neo-feudalism defined?  We all shout about cronyism, corruption, bias towards minorities, but are we doing at least something to back your words? Voting and going to demos is the simplest of the lot. It is part of translating your anger into action. No bloodshed is required and it requires a virtue needed to execute it: courage.

Okay, maybe we can say that 50 percent of those above 21 (legit, registered voters, Malaysians) with all the information from all avenues available have the same opinion as I do which is to give the other side a chance to demonstrate their governance. The only problem some may share as I do is the mindset of those who are unwilling to do so. There's the law of nature which says that everything is not indispensible or omnipotent. 

This too points out that UMNO's "Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya" motto is against the laws of nature, and it gives the picture of omnipotence, like how the Pharoahs think of themselves in Egypt. There are people who are afraid of what happens on a change of a Federal government. There's nothing unusual, as it's happening everywhere. People have been threatened and scarred of the so call Malay unity being destroyed, society in brink of problem, with other cock - in fact most of those threats are non-existent - just to keep them in power, so there's virtually nothing to be afraid about something proven to be non-existent. Maybe the "Myth of the Lazy Native" mindset still lives in us until today, for before 1957, it was by colonial powers for almost 4 1/2 centuries.

In this case, why not give the federal opposition at least a term? They did well in some states but in order to see the full capability, they need to be on the federal level, not state. 

Previously, people tried to give them a chance, but were there are another 300K to 500K move votes in their favor, PR would be running the federal government, and you won't hear all the "nothing promises" like the 16 September crossovers and so forth. The scenario could have changed - if there were more people who came out to vote. Even a sen makes a difference between 0.99 and 1 ringgit - not by rounding.

Give them the chance and a term to gauge how effective and fast they can be in doing things they have promised like reducing corruption, improving living standards, doing the tons of reforms they promised and so forth. The most important reason of giving them chance to manage the national coffers better. If there is a BN politician who argues that the opposition does not have experience in doing it, the argument is not proper because they were never given the chance to shine and demonstrate what they can do - BN hogs everything like a school child.

If they want to get people to decide and sell themselves out to the people, you definitely have to give coverage to both sides - not bashing every night and not letting them have a 15-minute spotlight! Is it because of IRA-thinking of capitulation that government-owned media are unwilling to give them a share?

On the other hand we should not expect so much from the PR-MPs to perform like Superman where all the 50+ years of dirt can be wiped slate clean in one instant. The most they can do is to remove as much grime and clean up as many areas they can cover.

If they still slack after the 5 years, then fine, we can go back to the dacing. The PR coalition has already stated that if BN-run Malaysia goes bankrupt in the next few years , they don't want a hand in running the state. Everyday, people in the city often hear Najib's "give us another term" thing or there won't be reforms, and surely from the words of one of the few men who splashes money for votes thing, do you find it a little insulting?

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