Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Blog is 5 Years Today!

I really didn't have anything to write apart from one posting planned (had a write block today) but I know that today is the 5th year of this blog.

I took cue from a friend of mine who started writing a few months ahead of me and following that I finally decided to start one once I had this Maxis Broadband in 2007. At that time P1 has yet to be launched. 

For the first three months, I write whenever I please and by May 2007, I've mostly jumped into the social-political scene, while at times write something casual just out of the fun.

People asked me why "Taffer" at times. The answer is, I took cue from a two places: a video game series called Thief and a Welsh slang meaning of low-life. It's the video game's nice slang that caught my attention hence the name and moniker.

Anyhow, quite tired today, not that usual, so I sign off with a birthday greeting.

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