Monday, March 12, 2012

Winning By Crook

Back on 28 December 2011, Suhaimi Shafiei, an assemblyman in Selangor has criticized Najib's allocation of RM 2.71 billion to the state, but the money to be funded will bypass the state government. Shafiei described the action as "insolence from the Federal Government" towards the state government.

The assemblyman is partially correct at least. Barisan Nasional is viewing states under the Pakatan as enemies instead of having proper partners in nation building. Terengganu in 1999-2004 is the best case in example. The customary oil royalties was pulled out by Mahathir at that time and was reinstated by Pak Lah's administration after the 2004 GE landslide. What the YB and other people should constantly remind themselves is that BN is doing anything to regain Selangor back in the by crook method. The money announced by Najib is an indirect way to take back Selangor.

Najib remarked previously of winning back Selangor at all costs. Selangor is considered as UMNO's piggy bank. It is also no doubt the richest state of the country. UMNO sees losing it again is considered as the "IRA capitulation" - capitulating to the enemy. That is why they are playing a lot of dirty tricks. There are some analysts who opined that if Najib could not recapture the state, he would meet his Waterloo.

Dirty tricks includes making illegals - Banglas, Indons and others legit citizens of Malaysia by buying in cash, and in turn making them vote BN. The other way is splashing money as if it comes to the sky to the people there. We might be going back to the days of Khir Toyo if they are

Where does the RM 2.7 billion come from? Petronas royalties or borrowing money from international financial organisations?

This post is written because I was pointed to some article written in the PKR's mouthpiece Suara Keadilan last week by a friend of mine. I am aware that I am repeating what many people have said but it seems that many people may have forgotten about the state problem.

I've met and know a few PR die-hards of the state in the past. And it's better for them to be ready earlier as a possible GE date could be end of May / early June. The word of caution is that PR could lose the state even with a lot of votes is on the opposition hand largely due to several factors like illegals' votes, RELA / postal votes and of course the main factor being the Malay vote factor.

It is already established that the election can be decided primarily by the Malay voting community since they form a little more than half of the nation's population of 28 million people. Emotion and misconception plays part of the people's psyche, especially if they are being duped into believe that such things happening.

My understanding is that if PR wants to hold up another 5 years, there are at least two possible things that should be done. The first thing is to have the status quo or more than the 31/25 seat arrangement. Ideally, areas in Hulu Langat, Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam is where PR may want to attract and interest the voters there. Win there, and they can get another 5 to 6 more. Perhaps looking back at the election result chart at Undi.INFO could be considered as reference material.

Most urban areas are a foregone conclusion since BN is not really well liked there.

The other problem is egos in PR. DAP's state leadership and Khalid Ibrahim's ego must be put aside. These are potential problem risers as they have been noted to give problems previously. Alternatively, Khalid should step aside to give the MB to someone with an equal caliber as his. Presently, I notice that not all PR assemblymen might match his forte.

Do you remember what Bersih said that if all 8 demands are not met? Keep that in mind as well.

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