Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Would Love Being A Commissar

Once in 1941 from Operation Barbarossa, the Russians were starring at the blink of defeat with Nazi Germany's blitzkrieg tactics hitting them hard. Adolf Hitler turned against his one-time ally Stalin and like Napoleon was hoping to run over the Eastern front. Hitler tried to fight in two fronts and on the east end, it failed because like the 1812 invasion, the cold weather in Russia had sapped their morale, depleted their supplies and resulted in the number of casualties. Background aside, the Russians had no other choice but had to put a hard stop on the line of retreating and retaking back their territories occupied by Germany.

It is a very hard thing to do for Stalin but to issue the infamous order #227, called the "Not One Step Back" (Ni Shagu Nazad) order at end of July 1942. Basically, the main idea states that you are not allowed to fallback or retreat unless there is permission to do so. Failure to do so means you are branded a traitor and will be shot by a political officer called the commissar. In the battlefield, there will be 1 to 3 penal batallions (comprising of soldiers with disciplinary problems) for each front. The penal batallions form the first line of attack. At the back of each front would be the blocking detachment comprising of commissars. Turn back you will be shot.

Both measures were cited in the preamble of the order as having been successfully used by the Germans during their winter retreat.

If you have watched documentaries or watched the Jude Law / Joseph Fiennes movie, Enemy at The Gates, it surely would make sense and the idea.

From the start way before the official announcement of Bersih 3.0, I have already began to guess how people from both sides (those who agree and disagree) who react to this and what are the possible titles that the mainstream media would likely use to villify Bersih for what they want to do. And of course, if you recall previously as in June 2011, Najib media's advisers, led by TV3 CEO Ahmad Farid Ridzuan have been advising a bash-them-till-you're-dead campaign against the "fair and clean agenda", utilized by RTM, Utusan. Bernama, The Star and even their Media Prima-owned channels. The number arrested only 9 July 2011, 1700 approximate for a non-violent offence is somewhat an outrageous thing that maybe Najib realized that he was misadvised by those who were hellbent on putting minorities into prisons.

If anyone has studied Boolean algebra or familiar with the basic if-else coding blocks in programming, you would clearly understand that even the government claims to have addressed 7/8 issues it still counts as a fail condition. e.g (if demand >= 8 then (do success scenario) else sayFail(bersih)). One of the demands there got shot down, the minimum 21 days campaign period is somewhat tied to the demand for free and fair media access. One logical reason of not giving them 21 days is indirectly, it gives voters more time for second thoughts of voting the same party over and over again.

What is very humourous about this matter of Bersih 3.0's announcement is the reaction more from those who don't really agree. True, it's okay to let them talk but I find very humorous at times. For example:

Wan Ahmad Omar: They should be patient... they say they are smart but they are close-minded... what they are doing is rushed, hasty and troublesome to people, The EC has not even come out with any statement, we will study the proposal and come out with an official reply later.

Bung Mokhtar: It's the opposition’s tactic is to attack the government from the streets

Problem is they are too slow. Some things can be done in the space of few days. Why want to drag? Then you got Ibrahim Ali saying that all of the Bersih committee  should be put into Sedition Act; Ahmad Maslan saying that it's always opposition's fault this and that. All the time the other side is blamed while they fault is on themselves. Wait till one Friday where Jakim-issued sermons are read in mosques where they could be say trash material about Bersih is sin, etc..The list of excuses can go on and on including the excuse of damaging buildings and money, whereas event like that can be a firesale if you take it in a positive way.

There are maybe a handful of tweets or arguments I observed that don't really give the proper logic to back a person's disagreement to Bersih. Some are personal-oriented attacks in contrast to arguments of fighting a cause. Mostly these arguments are from those people who are still willing to be enslaved by the neo-feudal mindset who keeps believing the superstition, mumbo-jumbo things or they are yet to be enlightened
Here you are, you have the opportunity to proof to yourself and others that you have the guts to translate your cause into action. After all, every religion encourages its people who practices its faith to move forward in time. Why want to dwell back longer? 

I can see those kind of people thinking like a Provisional IRA member where they want a zero opposition while if they lose one bit, they scream capitulation and start scoring own goals. I have written this in my previous posting entitled The Fear of Capitulation. It obvious isn't it? If these measures are implemented, then the number of seats that Barisan in particular as of now will be chipped off by another 30 to 40 percent and they could be screaming "hilang kuasa" like a person in dementia.

In metaphor to what I'm talking, they represent people instead of walking forward, they walk backwards. 
The "Not One Step Backwards" Stamp

If this is still Russia in World War II, these people and apologists (para pengampu dan pembodek) would have been lined up in the front and made to move at the German firing range. If they refuse to do so but to move back, they would have been lined up and shot by the blocking detachment. 
If there is such scenario above, I love to be a commissar and even would volunteer to do the shooting and execution. Bang bang bang. Butter-up boys bewarned.

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