Friday, April 20, 2012

When Bumpkins Are More Than Intellectuals

There was a mob of UMNO-affiliated people who assaulted students at the Merdeka Square in the early hours of the morning. Not only I got pissed, but it turns out that Malaysia is churning more bumpkins then intellectuals. The bumpkin syndrome is obviously the opposite of progression and churning of intellectuals. It's not just that mob group but some politicians and grassroot members across parties on both fronts.

These bumpkins have been lately making immature statements. You got Azwanddin Hamzah declaring war on LGBTs at the expense of paying more attention to those that involve greater sins. You got PERKASA saying that APs are exclusively for Bumiputras only at the expense of equal playing field. Ahmad Maslan calls students as opposition tools And of course, the ringleader behind the early morning incident is the same fat asshole that was at the Asalkan Bukan UMNO event in Jalan Kebun in Klang.

Malaysia is in the state of disarray largely because many of its ruling leaders and politicians are bumpkins, despite having education certifications. Those of people who managed to watch the Parliamentary proceedings would at times have noticed that there are MPs who make immature statements. And our education system, emphasizing only on passing exams, teaching children to obey without questioning at all turns out to be creating more bumpkins instead of what the real world careers demand: thinking and creative people. There are some who have managed to get past it, which I am happy to say it. But many still have yet to do so. In school, children are not even taught of proper financial education, save for the "save for the rainy day" thing and the basic money management skills. Any economist would tell you to do the "let the money make money for you", but few know it. That's why UMNO-men keeps harping on "if PR does this then the country would go bankrupt" bogeyman thing.

Anyhow, today in light of the PTPN protest issue, my opinion is that the PTPN is mismanaged. It should have been done properly and the issue of "interest" from money is also another bone of contention to deal with. Since the fund is used by everyone, it is against the Muslim religion to have riba or interest out of it. It's considered as a sin right? If the claim that whatever profit gained from the interest amount to paid back is given to the alleged cronies in private colleges, then I supposed that there is a legit reason for kicking up the bucket to fuss about.

Out of those who don't really agree about protesting PTPN, the big percentage of it are those who blindly follow (aka, bodek) those who simply outright say no. In other words, you follow the fool and like them start to have foam in their mouths. A quick study of their characters too can tell them whether they are bumpkins (narrow minded) or otherwise.

Let me make one thing very clear. All those names (e.g Ibrahim Ali, Azwanddin Hamzah, Zahrain Hashim, etc..) I have mentioned are not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, if you know what I mean. They are the opposite of intellectualism. If you have any opportunity to personally interact with them you will come to the conclusion that they are country bumpkins. They are very narrow-minded and shallow in thinking

- Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties For Idiots, 16 April

Can you count around how many politicians currently part of the running government of the day can fall under that category above. Today, you have seen a few apart from Ibrahim Ali, like Sri Gading's Mohd Aziz, Khaled Nordin, Hishamuddin "Kerisman" Hussein and Ahmad Maslan (all Johoreans) making bumpkin-grade statements. It's a pity that many of the grassroot followers couldn't even establish the line between right and wrong. They just a product of the education system as to study hard and excel in exams, not to think out of the box and be given the creative freedom whenever they can.

Why do you think that there's more than half of people who didn't even reach up to the degree level?

Sometimes, what people from opposition say are by point right that Malaysia's brain drain still goes on and on no matter what programs and initiatives launched including TalentCorp. I can't really think of anything more than seeing the country going in groundhog mode with bumpkins running the show and the many Pak Pandir antics calling a day's work.

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