Friday, September 14, 2012

LGBT's Numero Uno Question Remains Unanswered

If a student is taught to identify signs that a person is a gay / lesbian or otherwise - that is a wrong way of teaching people. It is also a wrong way to solve a problem because it is the matching pattern that is included there is not specific in nature. Putting that in will not solve the problem because the causes of this problem does not lie on just one source, but most of the sources are naturally exterior factors. Interaction with people is dampened or severely limited by the taboo that might go irrelevant as society ages.

The V-neck and sleeveless clothes is not really an appropriate symptom of someone being a gay or something for it can also represents a fashion trend. To augment the inappropriate diagnosis, V-neck jumpers form part of the school uniform for schoolchildren in other countries, including UK. Anyone who have seen the movies featuring schoolchildren in the UK will notice that this is a norm, with nothing unusual in nature.

Why or what makes a person behaving like an LGBT still remains unanswered until today despite all the broohahas from people and scum like Puad Zakarshi. 

The answer to that is a secret and a private matter that only the person themselves would only answer and know about it.

Most of the LGBT things that surfaced in a person generally happened at the approximate range of at around the end of the teen years and mostly a person goes that at adulthood. The most notable factor that can put them into that would be the present society pressure where these people are totally ignored, despite crying out for attention and the need to help. If these people were not helped but instead alienated them more and more, then we are no better than the Nazis or the KKK clan that discriminate people. 

Just because of one dominant religion, people that are under that religion are subjected to huge amount of pressure that touches and invades their privacy from various moral quarters while others who are citizens of the same country and yet they are given a different treatment or let off without a warning. The apostate and this LGBT is similar in problem dealing except that the latter is bigger in scope.

Malaysia claims that it respects the human rights as defined in the UN charter. However, if examined closely, it only respects and ratified certain clauses of the human rights charter for example for women and children. But the rest of it were never ratified. Why would there be cases of death in custody or assaulted while being detained by the police and etc..? Why would there be space for idiots to talk that these kind of LGBT people should be chucked aside like trash? If UN human rights watch, assuming they are doing their job happens to do the job - thousands of letters including suspension from the council - could await Malaysia should they have ratified the human rights charter in entire but yet violating it.

What kind of people are actually worst of the lot? People who committed various atrocities like murder or robbing against people who have decent proper conduct  and courtesy but may or may not be LGBT? So what the hell is this Muslim lawyer talking trash about?

These practices are actually demonstrating hypocrisy but more importantly, activities committed by a person are actually in private and not required to be known by the moral police. It actually allows a person to make their own choices and choices that are made will only be answerable to God himself when man and woman stood before the presence at the end of their lives. Therefore, it is wrong for those people and parties to act as if they represent God. 

Who are they to interfere with personal lives of people's privacy whereas on the other hand if the same is done on them at an alternative scenario they would scream? It's their own business, not yours, not Puad's, not those Malay NGOs who have been questioning Ambiga recently on the same matter.

I once was told the reason why one of my uncles decided to become a pastor after being in an engineering profession for almost 10 years. He once said he felt a "calling from God" to go full time and minister. The phrase "calling from God" has actually piqued in me in wondering whether this could be one of the reasons why there are people who would decide to become LGBT. Supposed if you asked someone the question and he / she said of a calling from God then what will you do then? Chuck them into a hole or beat them up like a vicious criminal who have just killed an innocent victim - all that falls under the religious fanaticism?

Supposed if someone like Puad who screams of LGBT problem happens to eventually learn in someday in future that his child / grandchild admits or declares that he / she is one of those under the LGBT - what will he then say except to put his palm in his face? Anything will come around sooner or later as what most religions or people who are aware of this would definitely acknowledge? At that point of time, I would rather not hear a rambling from a demented old man who could be shell-shocked to see a kin of his doing what he's stamping at this time. 

Having this kind of measure to fight the problem is actually making the society more naive and mundane not to mention a weaker way of life compared to interacting with more people to get more exposure and self-discovery along the way. Puad should have spend time understanding the problems with real people that deal with this issue including psychologists / psychiatrists rather than basing this whole problem on the religion scholars as it is not addressed in a realistic and hands-on manner. 

I admit that as another friend shared my view, the present government is run by too many incompetent people who have too many titles but yet can't even think big. And if you look at the cabinet composition structure - the present cabinet - there are mostly formed of people who are from the south. The idiom "gone south" could also be coincidental - things have gone haywire in Malaysia. How funny.

The famous American Reverend / human rights activist Jesse Jackson recently made one simple statement that actually solves it all, rather than impeding on other people's affair like it's someone's grandfather's business: "If you don't believe in it, then don't do it." It's an elegant statement yet a simple straightforward solution to the problem.

Addendum (from RPK's My Beliefs are My Business)

Why are the Malays so kaypoh? Why are they so concerned about what other people believe and don’t believe? Even if Ambiga believes in the tooth fairy or Father Christmas or whatever that is her business. Malays should take stock of their own beliefs and do some soul searching as to whether what they believe in are fact or fiction.

That is the trouble with most Malays. They like to jaga tepi kain orang lain. Just so that Tengku Amalluddin Sani Raja Ahmad Sufian is aware, I too am a strong supporter of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) rights. I too, just like Ambiga, believe that LGBTs have a rightful place under the Malaysian sun. That is my right to believe what I believe.

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