Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SUARAM's Poker Game Has Started

Today, Suaram is likely to face charges from six organizations with the worst case being declared an illegal organization. 

The pressure to charge them comes from pro-Malay groups like JMM and Perkasa.

All of course are affiliated with UMNO. Like a casino UMNO has bankrolled them in a high stakes poker game - with the goal of bleeding (not physically) SUARAM to its throes of abyss. But for a motive I am unable to comprehend they seem to turn a blind eye on the corruption activities committed by those in their league - e.g NFC (one of the statements that Tony Pua has raised in response to today's events).


Even the CCM - just as what the police did to a girl who surrendered over the stamping of Najib's pictures, this similar thing is done. A messages is out to send chill to shivers by the Malay organization. So it paints the picture that they are merely pawns for a political organization, not an actual government agency that knows no allegiance to any political parties.

From my understanding, in Bolehland, you need to prove your innocence instead of innocent until guilty. Also, as far as I can recall, NGOs receive funding as a token of support from any parties who have and share a same view as the goals of an NGO. That is a norm. Nothing more. If that is the case, then the plan to charge is done in a bad faith.
It's going to be a tough for Suaram - unless they have a good bluff or a very very good hand in poker. A good hand in poker is producing evidence that will be cleared out. A good bluff would be arguments that say that "nothing related to that".

Imagine Suaram playing poker with several opponents (Malay NGOs) with the croupier being the AG chambers and the judiciary, with the venue being played is Casino UMNO? And in the game of high-stakes poker, the winner will take the money that is staked at the pot. 

But you have a turf where other players have scratch-one-another-balls connection.

You have a possible card dealer that always deal a losing hand to one player but not to the other. The other players however are expendable.

Silence is deafening as the saying goes. I have never said anything about nor get involved with Suaram until when this recent episode got out. There are arguably too many parties in both camps so, I would want to see how the chips fall, and the slug match between Ayah Dafi & Co. vs NGOs turn out.

As a side note, how many of you really like Ayah Dafi anyhow?

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