Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Agencies Couldn't Hide The Mischief

In November 1955, Kim Philby was famously accused of being a double-agent for the Russians that he repeatedly denied his involvement in a press conference.

The famous spoken line was: "I was never a communist."

However, his flight to Russia was only confirmed in July 1963. Read more about him here.

What  does it mean is that a person / party attempts vehemently to deny his involvement in activities outside his scope and abuse of power. However, the party / person could not hide his mischief.

The bottom line is - there are some agencies who claimed to be independent of political inteference but likewise the pictures and attachments seems to say otherwise. It already proves that they are indirectly tools of the trade for a political organization.

Forget about the whining of police investigating those in the Barisan fold more slowly vs very fast at those accused from the Opposition. That has need not to be repeated here.

Remember this at the CCM building in KL Sentral?

This is the excerpt of the letter that was sent to the UIA university in regards to the campus polls - removing and replacing a vice rector.

So it seems that there will be attempts to pry into the privacy of voters of those who voted against Pro-Aspirasi. Those who do so could find themselves preferentially discriminated in other ways, not in direct intimidation anyways.

On 8 September, Muhyiddin warns its own party members that they would face the sack if sabotaging their own members. Excerpt from Bernama:

“If they (Umno leaders and members) resort to sabotage in the next general election, we will sack them from the party. We do not need such people, sorry. 

“The (Umno) president (Datuk Seri Najib Razak) has agreed. We don’t  need people who want to sabotage candidates. If the candidates lose, we will also lose,” he said.

The statement that would implied by Muhyiddin would be that "we will track your vote" one way another via any means. Civil servants have been blackmailed and threatened with a sack for not voting in the way of the ruling political organizations. The fear of this has to be overcome.

The Election Commission was quite fast in coming out a statement of condemning people stamping on Najib's face. However they are silent when there is talk of people urinating at opposition leaders e.g Nik Aziz and Guan Eng.

Voters Overseas have already had enough of the EC and asked them to resign.

The conclusion is that government agencies are already indirect lap dog and component parties of Barisan Nasional, the ruling political organization. There is not likely going to be serious electoral reforms at what Bersih wants not to mentioned what is recommended by the PSC committee last year.

Initial intelligence reports by the Special Branch speaks of grim results for BN. It's like knocking at Death's door. To delay or cheat death - it would mean cheating and intimidating other parties. Incidentally, do you remember how Putrajaya parliamentary seat was won last round? Same thing.

At the expense of possible intimidation and discrimination by them, throwing them out of the government next round would actually make things status quo. Things would be put back in order so actually it's more of a setback. People will need to shed that old style feudal mentality. That's all that is to solve the problem.

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