Friday, October 15, 2010

Aye, For Nurul!

I could have written this a few days back, but I deliberately waited until today to see whether Nurul Izzah can get to contest as Deputy President of the PKR party. I know that there is a bloggers support for Nurul campaign that Bernard and a few others have been actively campaigning now. But the wait also allowed me to think through on whether to say yes or no to that idea.

Having thought for that long, I tend to notice the internal squabbling between Zaid and Azmin. What they may or they might not know is that the squabble can give ammunition to the enemy, or in this case, the Barisan Nasional to put in the "see I told you so" message to the people that voting for PR is a wrong move - which is a false fact, whether you accept it or not. 

If there is a criticism that I wish to hurl at Zaid, in which a few friends agreed with me, is that Zaid, though he joined for about two years or so, fell short of learning the entire history of PKR, and there is a lack of understanding of the friendship between Anwar and Azmin that started way long back before the Reformasi days. Azmin is a family friend of Anwar's and with a Americana-educated background, it is not that easy to get rid of a person of such manner. 

It would be useless if neither Azmin or Zaid wins, but even if a faction, wins, the party will get spoiled from outside. The wreck will have to be stopped, in and out if they really want to live up with the talk of taking over Putrajaya. I once attended an indoor meeting with a few people including Nurul with it and she was warned of such possible problem of internal bickering in and there.

Now that she has already at least two nominations for deputy presidency, I would throw my hat behind with others to support Nurul. The reasons are among:

1. First and foremost, people from both camp Azmin and Zaid have the respect for this young lady. She neither takes sides and she insisted that she's own her ownself.
2. Khalid Ibrahim has too many jobs in hand, juggling many balls. Perhaps it is better for him to concentrate on his duties as Selangor MB.
3. She insisted that it is not a family legacy behind her participation. That should set the ball rolling of young people leading the party.
4. Chances are in order to solve the bickering between Azmin and Zaid, Nurul can get votes from both sides, if she can play her cards well.

And yes, I'd put that picture on this blog from now on!

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