Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Frog That Has No Bloody Manners!

One of my dad's friends at times will sarcastically said to other friends "no manners" if you refuse his offer to pour wine / liquor. Today, the Parliament reconvenes for the third session of the year. Due to the death of Batu Sapi MP, Edmund Chong, the Parliament observed a minute of silence to mark his passing.

What impressed me is that all the 23 MPs from PAS, in particular stood up to show its respect, despite being a clear-cut Islamic party. Maybe it lives up to its billing of being the actual moderate party, not as big mouthed as UMNO do. But what caught the interest is the antics of Ibrahim Katak Ali who is seen to be answering on the phone all the time and while in Parliament is in session.

Sure, my friend would say "no manners" to the Katak and it is something not right given that they complained of being whacked all the time yesterday, do they?

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