Sunday, October 31, 2010

Selvachandran's Detention: Protest at Bukit Aman

Selvachandran's wife, still dark over his whereabouts.
A few days ago, K. Selvachandran, who testified against a corporal believed to have caused harm Gunasegaran while in custody, was arrested in Wangsa Maju by a few policemen led by a "Inspector Suresh". As of until yesterday, the family, including the wife still remains dark over his wheareabouts, after Selva was beaten and handcuffed in front of his family. 

Angered, fearful of another beat down as a result of testimony against cops and demanding to know his whereabouts, civil societies, a few MPs (present there were Sivarasa, Dr. Dzul Ahmad, Khalid Samad and Charles Santiago), NGOs and the Bar Council marched up to Bukit Aman police headquaters to hand a memo directly to the IGP Ismail Omar.

Handling the talks between the group and the police where Selva's lawyer, Surendran and Latheefa Koya. It took 90 minutes to meet up and awaiting for their answer. Eventually, it turned out that Selva's case was similar to Benji, where the Narcotics department put him in detention with no trial for 60 days at the KL police headquarters in Pudu.


According to eyewitness accounts on the night of the arrest, the man who led the arrest carries the name of "Inspector Suresh". The name Suresh seems very familiar and the name is mentioned in prominent cases like the man being involved with dealing with PI Balasubramaniam, and was also mentioned in the Sosilawati murder. A question arises whether this man is the one and the same. 

Free Malaysia Today carries the full account here.
Additional pictures covered in this event at this Picasa album.


There are tears in Selva's wife's face. Next to Dr Dzul is Rawang's ADUN, Gan Pei Nee.

Surendran handling talks with Ismail Omar's rep.

Done: Selva is held in Pudu by the Narcotics department, allowed to be visited on Monday.

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