Saturday, October 9, 2010

You What!? Dr Ayam Coming To The Fold?

Pre-2008 election campaign period, I always have a disdain towards Dr. Ayam that got a Parliament seat by luck and without fighting it (only within the 1995-2000 period where Wee Choo Keong was disqualified). Everyone said that this guy is a pure example of a running dog of MCA. In the last three editions of the GE, he lost to DAP. I used to say that it's better to have a used-car dealer to be MP rather than a machai in Bukit Bintang.

PKR though speaking have been bringing ex-BN men into the fold, and the trend recently has raised eyebrows whether opportunists are brought in to serve as Trojan horses or otherwise. This also speaks that there are not enough qualified and real candidates pool that can contest well in the next General Elections (could be in concurrent with the Sarawak state election) or later in 2012.

The detoxification process in PKR already started should be intensified. As Syed Husin Ali said, Chong Meng's entry into the fold will have be scrutinized carefully. In the opinion column of Malaysiakini, many have clearly said no to Dr. Ayam coming in. Lately, we know that BN will do many things, even violent ways to make havoc in PR.

Some of people in PKR surely do not want him in because of the history - almost 15 to 20 years in MCA but many rejected him, and surely the business community in Bukit Bintang have clearly shown their dislike for this fat man there.

Yes, thread this guy at your risk, lest the same thing happens to those two assholes in Perak.

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