Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flayed: Ngeh and Nga

The Ngeh and Nga cousins, to some people in the Perak state level DAP can be irritating at times. In the period of one year of the Pakatan running the state before the coup by the BN last year, many have whisper murmurs of both of them, not Nizar calling the shots everywhere. And that leads to them indirectly giving enemies in and out ammunition to whack them to kingdom come. Look at the result such as Hee jumping out and Keshvinder Singh, cashing out to becoming independent first and then wishing to join PPP. 

If you look carefully, on some occasions these two people who jumped out are at times unhappy over how these two cousins call the shots. Of course, we previously heard of Hee asking for a brand new car, this and that, then Keshvinder was saying no money here and there = all tons of grouses. And that's why I found some sympathy and sorry for Kulasegaran. But there are bigger things to be handled rather than the feud. There is still the need to shed this perception of DAP being called the Chinese party and instead pursue the objective of becoming another multi-racial party in case PKR packs up or when Gerakan implodes right now (as evident as Keng Yaik quitting as advisor and Koh Tsu Koon get whacked for becoming ostrich). UMNO and its media loves to call DAP as "traitor" to the chinese due to its alliance with PAS and still sees them as "Parti Cina", which also gives them a reason to hate them because they are opposition.

Ngeh and Nga will have to forget about calling the shots. DAP and Gerakan were originally once setup to be a true multi-racial party, if according to history they were setup by intellectuals from all races. They will need to start convincing non-Chinese to come into the party. If there is one who wish to join either of the three are disgusted by the PKR polls right now, or they are a little uncomfortable of PAS' party line, then perhaps the DAP can be considered as the middle of the three. That will be a good starting point to demonstrate its original inception of being a multi-racial party replacing Gerakan.

The sorry statement by Ngeh, will not work and hold for long.

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