Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bersih 2.0 Rally Pics

As I have promised at the start of the live coverage in the previous post, I will providing high-resolution pics that I have captured throughout the event, in places that I have covered. If the locations are not included in the areas of coverage, you can look at other picture galleries (Note: Malaysia Today has some other locations).

I must admit that two worst events occurred yesterday was how the cops beat protesters with a rotan until one got KOed at Puduraya. The second one was firing tear gas cannisters at the Tung Shin hospital, and cops violating private premises by going in and arresting those who can't come out. 

I overheard a cop telling a Malay detainee: "Kau orang Melayu kah? Orang Melayu bukan macam begini." which gives me a picture that the cop got brainwashed with BTN shit, and the holier than thou picture. 

As the saying goes, a pic tells a thousand words, so I am pretty exhausted now that it's time for me to hit the sack now. Thanks for those helping to comment on the coverage as well the well wishes. If I am to comment on key pics, I would go back and comment it later.

Note: One of the hot spots was Tung Shin hospital and Kota Raya, which I covered as well. 

More pics can be viewed here.

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