Sunday, July 24, 2011

Najib's Series of Blunders Lately

Along the way during his European trip, it has been shown that Najib has made several series of public relation blunders that it can be implied and inferred that not even APCO can help to fix the self-inflicted blunders incurred.

Previously, a few other blogs and posts have pointed out that the main media adviser for the PM's office is none other than TV3 CEO Ahmad Farid Ridzuan. Some have been murmuring that there's been some inconsistent and flip-flop signals coming from Najib mainly no thanks to the strategy of smearing Bersih and villifying it.

Two of the famous blunders highlighted include the famous stadium flip-flop that one day Najib said, that they are prepared meet Bersih to allow the use of Stadium Merdeka as part of the agreement reached by Bersih and the Agong. Then after that, Najib famously said: "I didn't say that I'll meet Bersih". 

This is the TV3 audio excerpt that mentioned of Najib preparing to meet. Notice the part: "Kita bersedia untuk berjumpa dengan pihak berkenaan" (We're prepared to meet with the relevant party so that the assembly can be held at the stadium"...")

While those responsible would look into the requirements to be fulfilled before such events are held, Najib said permission would only be given to organisations that are registered.

And since Bersih has never been registered, it is an illegal organisation, he added.

That is the excerpt of what he said on 6 July (3 days before the rally). This suggests that since Bersih was declared illegal by his cousin, it means don't layan, don't give permit to stadium.

That's the first blunder. With permit to use stadium instead of streets refused, it means, refusing to take the King's intervention and word. And as the result, many people have told the world of the real thing contrary to what state media reported which is bias and heavy towards pro-government side. 

The second blunder was noticed during his interview with CNN in London: (FMT's transcript interview_)

Defterios: We have seen a bursting movement in Malaysia this last week, and some 20,000 protesters under the umbrella of electoral reforms. But what is really behind this? This is a generational gap? I mean, why such a high level of protest?

Najib: Well, John, it is basically politics. Because there is democracy in Malaysia. And we are committed towards electoral reform. And it will come up to see that we are all for fair and clean elections. And as you know, the last general election, you know, the ruling party lost five states. And we were deprived of two-thirds majority.

Defterios: So five of 13 states overall.

Najib: Five of 13 states and not a fair, clean election. We wouldn’t have lost five states. But we are committed to making better.

Defterios: Some would say you had (made) 1,600 arrests of some 20,000 protesters. Are you satisfied with the security response to that particular round of protests, yourself?

Najib: It was quite mild, you know, because although they were taken in, they were released after eight hours and they were treated very well. There was no undue use of force. And, you know, the demonstrators were dispersed using minimum force.

There are some phrases above that I've put it in italics. Other statements and witness testimony seem to be contradicting to what he said above. Unfortunately Najib's statement is built on the assumption that people outside will think that what comes from the leaders is true. However, there are other ways to gauge the accuracy of information, thanks to the use of social media. So for those tech-savvy and smart people can judge whether the man is lying or not.

The third blunder is involving the Christian issue. Statements from Najib when meeting with Pope Benedict contradicted when Najib makes statement upon returning from Malaysia. In Rome Najib said of: 

“He made an exception to meet with me. I met with Pope Benedict because I wanted to show that we are an inclusive government"


Meanwhile, the prime minister also said that adherents of any religion in the country should accord respect to other religions before they could expect to be respected in turn.

He said the government could engage with those who loved peace and respected the Islamic leadership.

“We accept them. We can engage with them. We can have dialogue with them because we want to uphold peace in this world,” he added.

This is what Najib said on returning back to KL:

“We wish to tell our friends, the Malaysian Christians . . . if they respect us, we will also respect them."

This of course refers to the Insider report Respect Islam First And We Will Respect You. The statement seems to contradict what is mentioned during the Rome trip. Of course, this implies a slap on the Pope. Once ties with Vatican have been formed, the will be a need to set up an embassy / consulate in KL and failure to allow one in favour of shouts by fanaticism over Christian taking over country defeats the purpose. Many saw through this whole thing and refuse to buy Najib's statement to to the Pope.

Another of the prominent blunder is of course happens after Najib touches down in KL. Instead of saying something of equivalence to "Hello", he instead keeps whistling the tune of "Bersih still out to topple government", although the event was over on 9 July itself. Whoever advised him on this thing maybe still have the sick mind of hate thy opposition thing. But the answer is not it seems for there are factions inside UMNO are out for his blood and there are making him paying for the blunders committed. 

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