Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BUM Cordially Invites Youngsters This 24 July

Calling all youngsters / youths who are actively blogging and passionate with our national social-political issues out there!

If you fall in those two things above,  and have not heard about BUM (Bloggers Universe Malaysia), you are cordially invited to the event and luncheon on 24 July in Kuala Lumpur.

Please visit this link for the complete details and agenda of the event.

As part of our initiative to reaching out and have more active participation from youths and youngsters alike, there will be a never-before-seen offer for those interested to come but have not heard of it before. 

This offer is this: Instead of RM 50 to participate, the participation will now cost only RM 10 per person only!

However, there are limited spaces available, only 30 spaces left and the closing date to reserve is on 19 July (next Tuesday). Reminder: you must be under the above criteria above (in italics)

If you want to participate, drop us an e-mail with your name at either this e-mail address or this e-mail address with the subject BUM 2011 Special Offer

Very Important: Please watch this space we will be advising on how to make the payment soon.

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